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We all know that the floors in industrial and commercial facilities can take a beating, but how often do we think about the walls in the same way? Of course, floors are by their nature going to be exposed to more abrasion and foot and vehicle traffic, but accidental contact with walls is surprisingly common and can take its toll over time. Epoxy and urethane wall coatings increase the surface’s strength and ultimately extend its lifespan.

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Superior Strength with Wall Coatings for Concrete, Sheetrock, and Cinder Block Walls

For a wall with nothing more than latex paint acting as a barrier between it and the outside world, even minor accidental bumps and scrapes can cause unsightly, noticeable scratches and dents. Cracks caused by even minor impacts are noticeable on a smooth concrete surface, and can harbor water, bacteria, and other pathogens, posing a potential health risk.

Our wall coatings use a UV-resistant epoxy system that strengthens and protects the underlying surface. In addition to guarding against accidental or common damage through physical force, the coating system can also improve the surface’s chemical resistance and ability to withstand other harsh conditions. For areas where extra strength is required, fiberglass mesh can be installed as an added layer of protection.

The Problem with Unfinished Concrete Walls

One of the greatest benefits of installing a resinous wall coating is that it creates a smooth, virtually seamless surface that is as easy to clean as it is durable. Unfinished walls are rarely an optimal solution, as they:

  • Stain easily. Whether it’s a concrete wall or a sheetrock wall, they are naturally porous and will therefore absorb splattered liquids and stains, causing an unpleasant appearance that is difficult to clean.
  • Absorb moisture. Especially in areas of excess water, such as wash rooms or wash bays, kitchens, or other food production areas, a non-coated wall can easily absorb water, causing it to deteriorate rapidly, while creating a moist environment that can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.



Creating a Smooth, Easy-to-Clean Surface with Wall Finishes

When a wall has been sealed with an epoxy coating, the surface is no longer porous and absorbent, so spilled or splattered substances won’t immediately leech into and stain the concrete. Stronger cleaning agents and liberal amounts of water can also be used without fear of causing damage to the wall, as the wall coating has formed a protective layer.

To make deep cleaning as simple as a high-pressure hose down, consider installing coved floors that connect an epoxy flooring system to a wall coating in a way that is virtually seamless. A slight incline towards a drain set directly in the floor can be the finishing touch for a setting that is easy to clean. This option is especially popular for animal shelters, prisons, locker rooms, and other settings that must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Tennant Coatings: Epoxy Wall Solutions

For years, Tennant Company has been a trusted name in industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines, and that reputation also extends to Tennant Coatings. Our epoxy and urethane wall coatings are just one example of the many coating systems we offer with pride. Contact us today to see how we can help.