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Shop Floor Systems

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Among Tennant Coatings’ most popular floor coating systems are the Shop Floor systems. These flooring systems are designed specifically to withstand the demands of a working shop or similarly hardworking facility. These facilities must withstand high levels of wear and tear, including:

  • Foot and vehicle traffic
  • Operation and movement of heavy machinery
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals, acids, oil, coolant, etc.
  • Sharp and/or heavy tools that could be dropped
  • And much more, depending on the function of the specific facility

We at Tennant Coatings understand the high levels of stress placed on shop floors, which is why we developed our tough Shop Floor system with those areas specifically in mind.​

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Why Shops Trust Our Eco-ShopFloor™ Coating System

The Shop Floor is an economical flooring system that provides exceptional protection at a price that won’t break the bank. The system measures in at 1/16 of an inch and consists of four layers that work together to protect and strengthen the underlying concrete slab. Those four layers are:

  • An Epoxy Primer. The first step of any long-lasting concrete floor coating is the primer – as concrete is naturally porous, the primer prevents subsequent layers from absorbing into the concrete’s surface. We use a multipurpose epoxy to prime the concrete slab for installation.
  • An Epoxy Seed Coat with Sand Broadcast. A broadcast of silica sand is included in this layer of multipurpose epoxy, to add strength and volume. The sand increases the system’s ability to withstand heavy loads and traffic, while providing a textured surface.
  • An Epoxy Grout Layer. Next, another layer of epoxy seals the sand broadcast for added strength and volume.
  • An Eco-HTS™ 100 Topcoat. Finally, a topcoat is installed to maintain a fresh satin finish, enhance slip resistance, and protect the system against chemicals. This topcoat is also aliphatic, giving it an advantage in light stability over its aromatic counterparts.



An Environmentally Friendly Shop Floor Coating Option

In addition to its exceptional strength and durability Shop Floor systems are a low odor option with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are organic compounds that can easily become gaseous and emit into the air. In addition to causing an odor, VOCs can be hazardous to human health: prolonged exposure may result in throat irritation, headaches, nausea, and damage to internal organs. While VOCs are used to make up a huge portion of paints and floor coatings, Tennant Coatings is proud to offer safe options like our Shop Floor Systems that are low odor and low VOC.

Tennant Coatings: A Name You Can Trust

Tennant Company has been trusted in the world of flooring for years, although it is typically known for its innovative and reliable floor-cleaning solutions. Most people may not know that Tennant has also been manufacturing resinous floor coatings for just as long, with the same level of quality and care associated with our floor cleaning equipment. Unsure which floor coating might be best for your industrial or commercial facility? Our flooring experts are on hand to discuss your options and find the best solution for you. Contact us today to see how we can help!