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Salt N' Pepper Polish

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Salt N' Pepper Polish

Tennant's Salt N' Pepper polishing systems creates a beautiful exposed aggregate appearance with the look of natural stone, accomplished by removing a maximum of 1/16” (1.60 mm) of the concrete cream surface with a light grind and polish.​​​​​


  • Step 1:
    • Use ReVue™-HydroCut cutting compound with ReVue™-SP400 Sintered Press Metal Tools
  • Step 2:
    • Apply ReVue™-HydroDense concrete densifier. Followed by wet grind withnReVue™-HYB400 semi-metal tools
  • Step 3:
    • Use ReVue™-PHN1500 phenolic bonded tools with a final application of ReVue™-HydroGard concrete sealer

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