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Mechanical Room Flooring Systems

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Mechanical Room

Every facility has areas that face unique challenges when it comes to flooring. This is especially true for mechanical rooms. These rooms are found in industrial and commercial facilities, healthcare facilities, and just about every other type of large building. Mechanical rooms can house elevator equipment, HVAC units, boilers, chillers, coolers, electrical circuits, and more. This equipment is essential to daily operations of an entire facility, making the selection of flooring for mechanical rooms an important one. The right flooring can help protect and prevent costly damage to mechanical equipment that can result in additional disruptions.

Challenges of mechanical Flooring Systems

Mechanical rooms house some of the most important equipment in a facility. Major considerations for selecting a flooring system for mechanical rooms include:

  • Stress from Heavy Equipment: Mechanical equipment can weigh anywhere from hundreds of pounds to tons, creating incredible pressure on floors. An adequate flooring system must withstand heavy loads and be resistant to punctures and other potential damage from equipment.
  • Excess Water and Liquids: Mechanical rooms, by nature, are commonly wet and damp. This is often due to condensation, leaks or exhaust. Excess water can create unsafe conditions and can also easily damage bare floors or concrete by penetrating the slab, all while creating the perfect scenario for slip and fall incidents.
  • Heavy Duty & Durable: Mechanical rooms can often face a variety of adverse conditions. These may include extreme heat, extreme cold, chemicals that leak from equipment, and caustic substances that could damage the floor. High-performance flooring with chemical-resistant properties is a must for mechanical rooms.

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Finding the Right Mechanical Room Flooring Solution

Addressing the unique environment of mechanical rooms is critical to selecting the right flooring solution that can help protect and prevent damage to mechanical equipment. The best flooring solution for mechanical rooms must cater to these challenges while providing durability, ease of cleaning and in some cases added slip resistance. Flooring requirements for mechanical rooms should include:

  • Monolithic or Seamless Installation: Monolithic, or seamless flooring, is preferable for areas like mechanical rooms where heavy equipment can damage seams or create cracks. Seamless floors are also easier to clean and reduce the opportunity for mold, fungi, and other bacterial from becoming trapped and proliferating in between seams or fissures. Monolithic flooring systems like resinous floor coatings are ideal for adding cove base (a cove that connects both the floor and wall) thus preventing liquids from seeping through the joint of the walls and floor.
  • Waterproof Properties: A waterproof floor is key to ensure the safety of the mechanical room as well as potential rooms or floors below it. Waterproof resinous flooring helps keep water and other liquids from penetrating or dripping through to other areas, if accidents or incidents arise, such as a broken or leaky pipe.
  • Chemical Resistance: Mechanical rooms see their fair share of chemicals that drip or spill out of mechanical equipment. Flooring with chemical resistance properties help protect floors from becoming damaged and requiring replacemen
  • Slip Resistance: Depending on the amount of water or liquids that can puddle in a mechanical room, slip resistance can play a key role in helping keep employees safe. That’s why Tennant Coatings offers systems with varying textures. From light texture to heavy texture, we have an option to best suit your mechanical room needs.

Mechanical Room

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Tennant Coatings offers a premier line of resinous floor coatings for facilities across industries. For more than 150 years, we have made it our top priority to place the needs of our clients first by providing only the best in flooring and flooring maintenance equipment. Contact us today! and learn more about to find the right flooring solution for your mechanical room.