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Epoxy Mortar Floooring Systems

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Epoxy Mortar 

When selecting the best floor coating for an area within a commercial or industrial facility, the conditions to which the area will be exposed must be considered. For areas that experience mainly foot traffic and occasional light vehicle traffic, a relatively light duty concrete coating may be sufficient to protect from daily wear and tear. Many industrial facilities also include areas that will regularly be subjected to extreme conditions, such as the storage and movement of heavy loads, and traffic by forklifts and other heavy vehicles. The flooring in such areas will require greater protection to continue to perform well over time.

Epoxy mortar systems are often a viable flooring option for areas that require that extra level of protection; epoxy mortar floor coatings can bear heavy loads, help protect against pitting of the concrete slab, and have excellent abrasion resistance to withstand the movement of heavy machinery. They can also help aid against slip and fall incidents by adding additional texture to enhance worker safety.

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Epoxy Repair Mortar Applications in Industrial Facilities

Epoxy mortar is a strong and durable flooring option that is installed in many industrial settings over an underlying concrete slab, or anywhere where the concrete slab is highly eroded. Some of the most common and effective uses for epoxy mortar in industrial facilities are:

  • Protecting the floor from wear and tear. In an industrial setting where heavy equipment is stored or moved, vehicles are driven, and employees must be able to navigate safely, a damaged and uneven floor surface is more than an eyesore -- it’s a safety hazard. Investing in the right floor coating early on can save you time, productivity, and money in the long run, as you won’t have to halt production to perform costly repairs.
  • Cover up and repair existing damage. Sometimes, the owners and operators of industrial facilities haven’t considered epoxy mortar as a flooring option until there’s already been a problem. Unlike thinner floor coatings, epoxy mortar can be used to repair and smooth out a flooring surface that is pitted, scratched, and otherwise damaged. In addition to being effective and strong, using epoxy mortar to repair a damaged floor is a more economical option than tearing it out and starting from zero.
  • Create minor slopes and coves. Epoxy resin mortar can also be used to create slight slopes in the flooring surface, and to build floor-to-wall cove bases that enhance cleanliness by creating a virtually seamless surface.

Epoxy Mortar 

Using Epoxy Resin Mortar to Protect the Underlying Concrete Slab

The concrete slab is the foundation upon which your entire facility rests, so you want to be sure that the architectural choices you make throughout the facility protect that foundation. While a relatively light and thin floor coating may be appropriate in some areas, consider epoxy mortar for those areas that are going to need to withstand heavier wear and tear on a daily basis. Doing so will provide a strong foundation, protecting the concrete slab from costly damages or timely concrete replacement.

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