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Decorative Slurry Flooring Systems

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The Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry™ system is an innovative decorative flooring option that offers quicker installation times and a more rapid return to daily business operations when compared to traditional decorative resin flooring systems. With a sleek, modern, stone-like appearance, along with plenty of color options and even customization options, the Decorative Stone Slurry systems provides both beauty and durability!

Common Industry Applications of the Decorative Stone Slurry System

Some of the most common industries in which the Decorative Stone Slurry System can be helpful include:

  • Arenas and Stadiums: With the tremendous wear and tear that stadium flooring sees, it is critical to have a durable yet attractive flooring systems
  • Automotive and Aviation: With the ability to withstand high foot traffic while offering a show stopping aesthetic, this system is perfect for show rooms, restrooms and other customer facing areas that should offer the wow factor
  • Education Applications: Whether this involves a university setting, a high school, a middle school, or an elementary school, it is critical to have a beautiful floor that is conducive to learning, that can stand up to routine foot traffic
  • Healthcare: With valuable equipment, heavy foot traffic, patient transport teams, and emergency situations, the Decorative Stone Slurry system provides a flooring option with high aesthetic appeal, and durability, while also helping maintain a sanitary environment
  • Pharmaceutical: With its seamless properties, this system is perfect for pharmaceutical settings and research labs or an industrial setting, in helping create an easy to clean and maintain environment
  • Retail: Provide a sleek appearance and make a good impression on customers and business partners alike
  • Veterinary: Veterinary practices need to have floors that will keep their patients and staff safe while also making a good impression on patients and families

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Decorative Slurry Flooring System Benefits

Some of the main benefits of the Tennant Decorative Slurry system include:

  • A three-layer system for shorter installation and quicker return to business
  • A seamless system that is easy to clean and maintain and helps aid against bacterial growth
  • Durability and added slip resistance to help aid against slip and fall incidents
  • Virtually undetectable repairs if needed
  • Quicker installation for quicker return to operations

Invest in the benefits of a Decorative Slurry system and enjoy attractive flooring with high durability.


Customization Options for our Decorative Slurry Systems

We have a wide variety of color combinations - including custom colors upon request – to meet your personal style and/or brand. Your options are virtually endless, and our team will work with you to ensure that you have the perfect flooring style for your business!

Choose Tennant For Your Decorative Flooring Needs

In addition to our Decorative Stone Slurry options, we provide a wide variety of other decorative options as well such as flake, quartz, and metallic options! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!