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All Tennant Flooring Systems

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With so many different flooring and wall systems out there for commercial and industrial applications, it can be difficult to know which will be best for a given project. At Tennant Coatings, is proud to offer a wide range of the best fluid-applied concrete floor and wall coatings available today, and our experts are on hand to discuss your particular needs and which systems may be best able to meet them. ​

Epoxy and urethane flooring systems, cementitious urethane and epoxy mortar systems, polyaspartic urethane systems methylmethacrylate (MMA) systems and wall systems are available and can be tailored specifically for your facility!

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57 Systems Available


The Functional Demands of the Space

Selecting the best flooring system for a given project will depend heavily on the conditions to which the area will be exposed. A retail area that only experiences foot traffic, for example, will have needs much different from those of an airplane hangar or food processing facility. Even within a single facility, different areas may have different flooring needs that could be best addressed through different systems. When selecting the best floor coating for the job, consider which of these conditions are most likely to be present:

  • Storage and/or movement of heavy equipment
  • Exposure to caustic chemical compounds
  • Traffic by vehicles such as forklifts or wheeled carts
  • Risk of abrasion or puncture
  • Extreme fluctuating temperatures
  • High levels of moisture

The flooring system selected will need to be sufficiently durable and have the qualities necessary to withstand the conditions where it is installed.


Safety Considerations for Concrete Floor Systems

Investing in a sufficiently durable flooring system for a given setting is itself a matter of safety. Damaged flooring systems create uneven surfaces that can increase the risk of a fall, and can also inhibit clear visibility, as small mechanical parts can be much more difficult to find on a dark, pitted and scratched surface. Some settings may require safety features beyond durability and strength, which is why we offer flooring systems that are designed to:

  • Inhibit the growth of pathogens. This is especially important in healthcare settings and food processing facilities, where the spread of bacteria and other microbes could have far-reaching consequences.
  • Help minimize the risk of slip and falls. In heavily trafficked areas, helping minimize the risk of a slip and fall incidents by adding texture or additional grit to a system.
  • Dissipate any buildup of static electricity. In facilities that process delicate electronic instruments, such as avionics and medical equipment, something as simple as a minor electric shock can cause irreversible damage. Protect precision instruments with flooring that prevents the buildup of a static charge.

Tennant Coatings: Beauty and Function in All Concrete Floor and Wall Systems

When you trust Tennant Coatings with your commercial and industrial floor and wall coating needs, there’s no need to sacrifice either functionality or aesthetic appeal -- you can have both. Choose from our high-performance flooring systems, and then Solid color flooring and wall coatings can be very attractive and make a statement about your facility, while still attaining chemical resistance, light stability or the slip resistant properties that you need. Nevertheless, adding decorative elements like flake, quartz, chips, colorants, metallic powders, or even a multicolored pattern or logo embedded directly into the floor, can provide an even more striking appearance. You’ve always trusted Tennant Company with your floor cleaning needs, and now Tennant Coatings is here to help connect you with the right flooring system for your space. Contact us today!