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UV Cured Floor Coating Products

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UV Cured Floor Coatings

Bringing in any major construction project on time and on budget is always a challenge, as is a facility’s inability to shut down for long periods of time. Cure time for new concrete floors and floor coatings is just one of the many issues to resolve. Additionally, no flooring surface—whether concrete, tile, epoxy or urethane—maintains its original pristine condition forever, and over time it may eventually require a re-coat.

The point is that downtime, whether at the beginning of a project or while a facility is in full production mode, is an expensive inconvenience.

The Solution to the Cure Time Problem

Ultraviolet-cured coatings is a great solution for quick turnaround times. The process involves hitting a liquid, urethane coating with a UV light, instantly transforming the product into a completely dry film, ready for use.

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The Benefits of a UV-Cured Coating

Why use a UV-cured coating? The benefits are many:

  • Speed of cure is, obviously the number one reason that people opt to use UV-cured coatings. They cure instantly, with very minimal downtime, so an area can be put into service immediately after the coating is applied.
  • It is at least three times as abrasion-resistant as standard epoxy and urethane finishes. It is also chemical and stain resistant, and has excellent adhesion qualities.
  • This enhanced durability saves time and money by reducing the complexity of daily maintenance, as well as reducing labor and chemical costs by eliminating the need to burnish, strip and refinish floors.
  • It is considered a green product, and LEED credits are available for Indoor Environmental Quality. Its user- and environmentally-friendly features include low odor and VOC compliance. So, not only does it cure instantly, but it can be applied during normal business hours.

Why Select the Tennant UV-Cured System

The Product – InstaCure™/Eco-UVS™

Our clear, satin-finish UV-cured coating has been proven to deliver the benefits you expect when you opt for purchasing such a product. It can be applied directly to concrete as well as VCT flooring and more!

Tennant has been developing flooring equipment and products for nearly 150 years and, over that time, has become a global leader in the industry.

Impressive floor longevity does not happen by accident. Tennant has contributed many “firsts” to the industry—from the first motorized floor cleaning equipment and commercial floor coating system in the 1930s to our award-winning Eco-Family line of non-solvent floor coatings.

We are valued for our quality, reliability, trustworthiness and commitment to a cleaner safer, healthier world.

When you call for a consultation with one of our team of flooring experts, you can be assured that you receive the best possible advice on the products and equipment you need for your facility. Contact us today!