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Urethane Mortar Floor Coating Products

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Urethane mortars offers a number benefits over epoxies, particularly in the food and beverage industry, where thermal stress can be a major issue. There may be areas in which scalding water or heat is used, as well as areas of refrigeration, and a single type of flooring is needed to accommodate both, while withstanding potential extreme temperature cleaning.

Urethane mortar is often called cementitious urethane because it does have cement properties in one of its components, which gives it some similar characteristics to that of cement. The benefit of this is that it expands and contracts similarly to a concrete substrate. This reduces the stress between the two materials when the temperature changes, so the adhesive bond is much stronger, helping increase the durability and lifespan of the urethane mortar as a floor coating.

The Benefits of Tennant Urethane Mortar Flooring Systems

We offer a variety of urethane mortar systems to ensure you have the best possible flooring solution for your facility.

Urethane mortars offer some of the best benefits compared to other resinous flooring products, when it comes to:

  • Extreme thermal stability and steam cleanability
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Anti-slip surface that meets ADA recommendations
  • Low odor, fast installation and fast cure
  • Resistance to moisture vapor transmission (MVT)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21
  • Utilize renewable bean oils and environmentally friendly packaging to advance your sustainability goals

They are virtually seamless when applied and impervious to liquid, mitigating the mold and mildew that can form within the floor.

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Eco-Crete™ HF

Eco-Crete HF is a three-part, cementitious-polyurethane troweled system for resurfacing interior concrete floors. Its additional benefits include:

  • Impact and abrasion resistance suitable for heavy traffic and fork lift operations
  • Excellent corrosion as well as chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant up to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C)
  • Can be applied to concrete as early as seven days after installation

Eco-Crete™ SF

Eco-Crete SF is a three-part, cementitious-polyurethane slurry system with aggregate broadcast, for resurfacing interior concrete floors. It is sealed with Eco-Crete TC, a cementitious grout coat. It is temperature resistant up to 200 degrees F (93.3 degrees C).

Eco-Crete™ SL

Eco-Crete SL is a three-part, cementitious-polyurethane slurry system with aggregate broadcast, for resurfacing lightly eroded interior concrete floors. It is also sealed with Eco-Crete TC and is resistant to temperatures up to 180 degrees F (82.2 degrees C).


The Tennant Urethane Mortar Floor Coating Family of Products

We have developed a line-up of eight high-quality products to match the various properties and application methods of our systems.

Trowel Applied

  • Eco-Crete CB (Cove Base) – Used with other products to create a cove base
  • Eco-Crete HF (High Fill) – Withstands temperature variations from -330 degrees F to 250 degrees F
  • Eco-Crete IF – A heavy-duty, iron-filled mortar

Flowable/Self Leveling

  • Eco-Crete MF – Moderate-duty and flowable, with a smooth finish
  • Eco-Crete SF – A heavy-duty, self-flowable slurry applied with a broadcast of quartz or silica sand
  • Eco-Crete SL – A self-leveling urethane mortar

Also available:


  • Eco-Crete Pigment Pouches, containing powdered color that can be added to all other Eco-Crete products
  • Eco-Crete TC, which can be used as either a topcoat or primer

All of Tennant’s coatings products match the reliability and quality we have been delivering for nearly 150 years as leaders in the flooring industry. For more information contact us today!