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Static Control Floor Coating Products

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Static charge occurs when two surfaces with different resistance to electric current come in contact and are then separated. It can be generated by something as simple as walking across a floor. In most cases, a person would not perceive the charge, because it takes about 3,500 volts for a person to feel any sensation from static shock. However, it can take as little as 25 volts to damage sensitive equipment.

Controlling Electrostatic Discharge with Static-Resistant Floor Coatings

Charge can be transferred as personnel interact with a variety of equipment and machinery and products. As flooring is the single common element that both personnel and every item in any environment encounter, applying electrostatic dissipative (ESD) coatings are the best preventative measure you can take.

An Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) vs. Conductive Coating – What’s the Difference?

Every material has a level of resistance to electricity, measured in ohms. The higher the resistance, the less conductive it is. For example, most metals have a resistance of near zero (0) ohms, whereas wood can have a resistance of a billion or more ohms.

Per the ESD/EOS Association, conductive flooring is defined as flooring with a resistance up to 1 million ohms, and dissipative flooring has a resistance of 1 million to 1 billion ohms. Identifying the range of resistance needed in your facility is a key factor in determining the system and products you need.

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Tennant ESD and Conductive Floor Coatings

Tennant offers three different systems to meet virtually any level of resistance you require. These system are available in satin and gloss finishes and are available in a variety of colors.


Eco-ECE™ is an Electrostatic Conductive Epoxy that is designed to be conductive and dissipate a 5000 volt charge to zero in less than 0.1 seconds.


Eco-SCT is a dissipative epoxy that is low odor and offers a high-gloss finish.



Eco-SDS is a high-performance dissipative urethane that is non-yellowing and offers superior chemical resistance over standard epoxies and lasts up to twice as long. It is available in both satin and gloss finishes.

All our coatings have been tested to meet or exceed industry standards and can provide you with the required levels of dissipation or conductivity to keep both your personnel and your equipment safe. The Tennant team of experts will gladly help you evaluate which system would be appropriate for your facility, so contact us for a free consultation.​