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Epoxy Concrete Sealers

Concrete is a porous material that requires the addition of water in the mixing process. Because of this, it is subject to changes in humidity through contact with soil. It can absorb water, which can not only make it slick and a safety risk, but encourage the growth of bacteria and other pathogens or corrode the concrete slab. The porousness also opens the door to staining from oils and chemicals, and scuffing from both foot and vehicular traffic, which can create fine dust.

Concrete hardeners and sealers are compounds that protect concrete from surface damage, some staining, and the corrosion that can occur when water penetrates the material. Sealing your facility’s concrete floor is a key step in creating the most durable flooring possible—also protecting the environment and the financial investment you made in your flooring system.

Types of Sealers

There are two basic types of sealers:

  • Penetrating sealers – A penetrating sealer soaks into the concrete and fills or closes the pores, so that liquids are unable to penetrate.
  • Film-forming sealers – A film-forming sealer creates a barrier on top of the concreate that prevents liquids, oils and chemicals from infiltrating the pores. They are also called topical or surface sealers.
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Tennant Hardeners and Sealers

  • Eco-Hard-N-Seal™
  • Eco-LTS™


Eco-Hard-N-Seal is a water-based sodium silicate solution. It can be used on older concrete floors, as well as new floor installations, making it ideal for repairing floors that have already suffered from excessive foot or vehicular traffic and are producing dust. Solvent free and VOC complian, its low odor emissions makes it a good choice for odor-sensitive stock and a safer, cleaner work environment.



Eco-LTS is a water-based epoxy coating that helps control dust in areas of light-to-medium traffic and offers protection against some staining. Available in both clear and Canada gray, the finished texture is smooth with a satin finish.

In light traffic areas, in which a penetrating-type seal is desired, one coat is typically sufficient. Apply two coats for film-forming performance that can withstand moderate traffic and repel spills.

Tennant – A Global Leader in Flooring

To fulfill our mission of creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world, we have been developing products for the flooring industry since 1870—from innovative cleaning equipment to eco-friendly floor coatings.

For advice on the best flooring solutions for your facility, contact our team of experts for a free consultation.