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Silicate Concrete Sealer Products

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Commercial Silicate Concrete Sealers

Concrete slabs are known for their porousness. If not properly coated or sealed, over time concrete can break down from heavy wear and tear, causing expensive repairs. Typically speaking, resinous floor coatings are more expensive and offer greater durability than concrete sealers. However, it’s important to note that a concrete sealer is a much better option, rather than leaving a concrete slab untreated.

Benefits of Silicate Concreate Sealers

Concrete hardeners and sealers are compounds that help protect concrete from surface damage, some staining, dusting of the concrete and even some corrosion that can occur when water, liquids or debris penetrate the material. Sealing your facility’s concrete floor is a key step in helping protect your floor and your facilities environment.

Concrete floor sealers extend a floor’s durability and performance over time and offer additional benefits such as:

  • Protecting floor from damage
  • Increasing abrasion protection
  • Improves corrosion resistance
  • Reduces concrete dusting

These benefits not only help crate safer floor but also help create a safer environment for patrons and employees.

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Applications for Water Based & Silicate Concrete Sealers

Water-based sodium silicate sealer solution. It can be used on older concrete floors, as well as new floor installations, making it ideal for repairing floors that have already suffered from excessive foot or vehicular traffic and are producing dust. Solvent free and VOC compliant, our sodium silicate concrete sealer’s low odor emissions makes it a good choice for odor-sensitive stock and a safer, cleaner work environment.

Tennant Coatings – A Global Leader in Industrial & Commercial Concrete Sealers & Flooring Systems

Known throughout the coatings industry for our innovative product line and reliable floor coating products, our team of experts can help determine the best flooring solution to fit your facility’s needs. For a free consultation or to learn more about our silicate-based concrete sealers, contact us today.