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Resurfacer Products

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Concrete Floor Resurfacers

Heavy loads, vibrating machinery, forklift and other vehicular traffic can put great strain on the flooring in commercial and industrial facilities. Not only does the finish wear over time, but the concrete itself can be damaged. This process of deterioration should be stopped in its tracks as quickly as possible, because replacing a cracked slab can lead to extensive downtime, lost production, and higher costs.

Effects on the Finish

Excessive divots, pits and cracks, as well as faulty expansion joints, must be filled in to ensure a tight adhesive bond between the coating and the substrate. If they remain unhandled, they can:

  • Prevent an even application of the coating to the correct thickness across the entire slab, with the potential puddling of the floor coating product in low areas
  • Make cleaning and maintenance more difficult
  • Create edges in the coating that can flake and chip, which can in turn reducethe longevity of the coating.
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Safety Hazards

These problems with the concrete can also increase the wear-and-tear on vehicles and other heavy machinery, as well as create safety hazards, including:

  • Trip-and-fall accidents for pedestrians
  • Dangerous load shifting on forklifts as they traverse over raised cracks
  • Merchandise and/or machinery tip-overs on uneven surfaces, created as the concrete expands and contracts in the problem areas
  • The collection of excess water and debris, potentially increasing microbial growth and posing both slip-and-fall and health risks


Choosing the Right Resurfacing Product for Concrete Floors

The resurfacing product you choose will depend on the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired.

Tennant offers four products to accommodate a range of conditions:

  • Eco-RS™ 60 is a light, self-leveling resurfacer that helps repair floors, without having to pay for costly concrete replacement. The two-component formula is ideal for application from 40 – 60 mils for mild to moderate erosion.
  • Eco-RS™ 125 is designed for serious erosion and is applied at 60 to 125 mils.
    • Both Eco-RS 60 and Eco-RS 125 are solvent free (0.0 VOC), have high compressive strength for load-bearing applications and can be used as build coats for other topcoats.
  • Eco-PT™ 250 is our heaviest-duty resurfacer and is perfect for protecting against heavy loads in main traffic aisles and loading docks. The mortar, which has higher compressive strength than concrete, is created from mixing sand and epoxy and must be applied with a power trowel
  • Eco-PT™ Topcoat is an epoxy topcoat applied over Eco-PT 250 and is used to seal the mortar.
    • Both Eco-PT 250 and Eco-PT Topcoat are VOC free and available for LEED credits.

Whatever the concrete condition, Tennant has the reliable, high-quality products you need to bring your flooring back to life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our professionals. Don’t let your concrete crumble, contact us today!