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Preparation Floor Coating Products

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Concrete is a porous substance that must be protected to achieve the greatest longevity and service. Tennant offers a multitude of coatings and finishes designed to accommodate the conditions and needs of nearly all types of commercial and industrial facilities. These include a wide range of capabilities, from providing moisture vapor control and resistance to harsh chemicals, pathogens and thermal stress, to dissipating static electricity, providing traction and having elastomeric properties enabling the coating to flex with the substrate.

Selecting the right coating for a facility’s conditions and correctly applying it per manufacturer’s directions are critical in achieving the desired long-term performance. Virtually all professionals agree that it is the surface preparation that can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application.

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Evaluate the Surface for Proper Preparation for Floor Coatings

New Construction

The traditional recommended minimum cure time for new concrete slabs is 28 days. However, special products that can be used on green concrete have been recently developed. Moisture testing should nevertheless be done prior to applying any coating to ensure the best adhesion.

Existing Structures

There are five basic steps to preparing an existing concrete surface:

  • Inspect the concrete substrate. What is its general condition? Is it structurally sound? Is it cracked? Are contaminants present? Is there moisture vapor transmission? The answers to these questions will inform what needs to done.
  • Remove and replace localized weak or deteriorated concrete. For the most part, acid etching has been replaced by grinding or shot-blasting in large facilities. Whatever the method used, contaminants and mineral deposits must be fully removed.
  • Decontaminate the concrete surface by removing grease, oils, fatty acids, etc. This can be accomplished through several cleaning methods.
  • Create the surface profile, which is the average distance between the peaks and valleys of the concrete. An acceptable surface profile and the tools used to achieve it are dependent on the type of surface and the floor coating to be installed.
  • Repair the surface irregularities, such as spalls, cracks, slopes and joints that have deteriorated or show damage. The method used will depend on the type of irregularity. Patches may be used for minor irregularities; cracks and damaged joints require a more aggressive repair.

Tennant Floor Coating Preparation Products

  • Our 409 Pre-Kote Cleaner is an etchant that helps prepares the substrate for application of a coating.
  • The heavy-duty Jiffy Mixer Blades are used to mix products before application.
  • The 20” adhesive-backed sanding discs come in 60, 80 and 100 grit, perfect for between-coat sanding.

As with any type of construction or finishing project, it takes the right tools and products to achieve the desired results. Tennant Co. has been providing high-quality, innovative floor-cleaning machines to the flooring industry for decades. Our coatings, finishes and other products maintain the high standards of reliability and value that our customers around the world have come to expect. Contact us today for more information!