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Concrete Floor Polishing Products

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ReVue™ Hydro Polishing for Concrete Floors

Tennant Coatings, known for its complete line of resinous floor coatings, is very excited to offer the ReVue Hydro Polishing product line. Our new polishing line makes it possible to polish concrete floors to a beautiful, gloss finish, both safely and cost-effectively.

The Tennant ReVue Hydro Polishing Line

ReVue Hydro Polishing offers a full line of polishing liquids and diamond tooling that is unlike traditional dry polishing in various ways:

  • Significantly cut labor costs and downtime with innovative formulas
  • Silica-Based technology creates beautiful finish with brilliant clarity
  • Reduces silica dust and aids compliance in OSHA regulations
  • Easy clean up and disposal with our cutting-edge slurry solidifying product
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9 Products Available

Complete Wet Polishing Line of Products

Our three liquids were specially designed to effectively and efficiently produce a smooth, highly durable and abrasion-resistant concrete floor that delivers value and longevity:

  • Concrete Cutter: This product effectively refines concrete by removing it in just one step. This greatly improves efficiency, helping you save time and money by cutting labor costs and downtime.
  • Concrete Densifier: Using colloidal silver chemistry, this densifier deeply penetrates the concrete and closes the microscopic capillaries. This densifying action helps strengthen the concrete, making it more resistant to abrasions.
  • Concrete Sealer: This works in several ways to improve the look and the life of your concrete flooring: The product infuses the concrete, which not only delivers even greater densifying action but provides superior stain resistance. Additionally, it creates a high-gloss finish that provides protection from scratches, scuffs and other types of abrasions, so your floor keeps its attractive look longer, along with easy clean-up and maintenance.

Wet Polishing Liquids and Tools

Tennant’s history begins in 1870 and for nearly 150 years, we have been bringing innovative ideas to both cleaning equipment and the floor coating industry. As part of our latest innovative initiative, introducing our top-of-the-line diamond tooling and hydro polishing liquids now provides another flooring option for both contractors and end users. Our diamond tooling line includes the following:

  • Sintered press metal tools: These are best for the first grinding step on rough floors.
  • Hybrid semi-metal tools: Their high diamond concentration further refines the concrete, and they are typically used during the second grinding process.
  • Phenolic tools: Used for the final step to deliver excellent light reflection and very high DOI (Distinctness of Image) readings.

A Choice of Polished Finishes and Looks to Suit Your Style

  • Cream Polish: Creates a smooth, uniform surface, with a DOI of 97
  • Salt N’ Pepper Polish: Creates a look of natural stone, with a DOI of 90
  • Large Aggregate Exposure Polish: Creates a rich-looking terrazzo effect, with a DOI of 90

Why Choose Tennant for Your Flooring Needs

Beyond our products and equipment, we have a team of employees that can help guide you through the polishing process to choose what polishing system would best fit your flooring needs. Contact us today! today for a free consultation on your next project.