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Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair and Patch Kits

While concrete floors can be inherently strong, handling some wear and tear over the course of time the use of an epoxy patch kit may be necessary as proper maintenance and repair are to be expected.

The idea that even light industry or commercial facilities won’t be subject to cracks and divots is not realistic. Stress fractures and general wear and tear change the surface in large and small ways. That’s why epoxy concrete crack repair methods and costs should be factored into ongoing facility management.

Common Needs for Concrete Crack Repair & Patch Kits

There is one thing that flooring rehabilitation projects and new concrete flooring have in common, cracks. There are several reasons that result in cracks in concrete flooring.

  • Excess water in the mix
  • Rapid drying and curing due to environmental factors
  • Ground factors such as freezing and softness among others
  • Air pockets under the surface
  • Swings in temperature

​​Even well-conceived designs and building methods cannot always escape imperfections. Construction happens in the real world.

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Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair & Patch Kits from Tennant

Whether a bad installation or regular wear and tear result in cracks in concrete floors, patching them is important for the longevity and stability of the entire flooring systems as well as personnel and vehicular safety. Our Eco-FPE Epoxy Mortar comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • 3-4 hour cure time
  • Flat finish with a concrete-like texture
  • Solvent-free, 100% solids

Tennant’s patch kits can be applied via trowel, helping fill both large and small holes while forming a solid bond to the original concrete, creating a smooth and unified surface. Maintaining any property values starts with a secure facility and managing concrete cracks matters.​


Maintaining Safety with Proper Floor Maintenance

Although incredibly rugged, concrete floors can suffer a variety of imperfections that can pose warehousing hazards. Even in light warehouse and storage facilities, machinery such as powered pallet jacks and cherry pickers are commonplace. Anyone who has worked in one of these facilities knows that hitting a floor snag can cause stacked products to fall or cause damage to equipment. Such incidents could severely injure workers or require unnecessary repair costs. That’s why it’s important for facility managers to address minor chips and divots before they become a hazard. Products such as Tennant’s Eco-FPE™ Epoxy Mortar are particularly useful in warehouses environments due to their fast-curing properties.

Protect Your Facility from Concrete Floor Cracks

Cracks, chips and divots get worse over time and create a hazardous workplace environment in any facility. From warehouses to manufacturing plants and any other commercial or industrial facility, compromised concrete floors mean potential accidents.

Proactively repairing and patching concrete floors means a safe environment for workers as well as improved longevity of floors.

For more information about Tennant’s line of concrete flooring products, contact us today.​​