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Parking Deck Floor Coating Products

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Parking Deck Floor Coatings

Few surfaces take the kind of beating that a parking deck does—day in, day out, 24/7—from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

There are a number of issues and challenges that must be addressed when selecting a highly-durable, safe flooring solution for parking decks:

  • Even fully enclosed structures must be able to withstand extremes in temperatures and wet conditions, caused by rain or snow brought in on tires, by pedestrians or heavy gusts of wind.
  • Excellent traction is critical in helping to prevent pedestrian slip-and-fall accidents, as well as vehicles skidding on the surface, particularly on sloped ramps
  • A finish must be able to withstand the constant stress and vibration of cars pulling in and out, and have elastomeric properties that enable it to flex with the concrete substrate to minimize cracking over time.
  • Chemical resistance is necessary to avoid damage from acid rain, road salt, and other harsh chemicals that are often deposited on the surface.
  • A range of lighter colors should be available to ensure that lines for parking spaces, pedestrian walkways and directional arrows are clearly marked and easily visible for the long term.
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Complete Tennant Coating Systems for Parking Decks

We offer two complete parking deck systems. The Eco-Flex Deck is a three-coat aliphatic solution, with low odor and low VOCs, available in nine colors. The Tennant Flex Deck is a four-coat aromatic solution that meets all industry specifications and is available in light, medium and dark gray.

Both are liquid-applied, high-solids, fast-cure systems and offer the following key features:

  • Seamless for waterproofing applications and moisture insensitive
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Textured for slip resistance
  • Can be used for repairs and sloping and protects against spalling
  • Thermal shock resistant for protection against freeze-thaw damage; does not soften or become brittle in extreme temperatures
  • Chemical resistant
  • Elastomeric
  • Fast cure time
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Our Family of Floor Coatings for Parking Decks

Eco-FLA™ Topcoat

The Eco-FLA topcoat is used in both the Tennant Flex Deck System and Eco-Flex Deck System. It is low-odor and aliphatic, and fast cure.

Eco-FLB™ Base Coat

The Eco-FLB base coat is a flexible, elastomeric base coat, used in the Tennant Flex Deck System.


Eco-FLI can be used in both parking deck systems. In the Eco-Flex Deck System, it can be used as a flexible intermediate coat and a topcoat. In the Tennant Flex Deck System, it can be used as an aromatic topcoat.

Eco-FLM™ Primer

Eco-FLM Primer can be used in both the Eco-Flex Deck System and the Tennant Flex Deck System. An epoxy-polyamine primer, it is designed for use on concrete with high moisture readings.

Eco-FLP-E™ Primer

Eco-FLP (Flexible Primer Epoxy) can be used in both the Eco-Flex™ Deck System and the Tennant Flex Deck System

Tennant Co. has been an innovator in the flooring industry for over a century. We built our reputation on floor cleaning machines in use the world over, and our range of advanced floor coatings deliver the same high quality and value. For more information regarding Parking Decks, contact us today!​​​​