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Moisture Vapor Floor Coating Products

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Moisture Vapor

Controlling moisture vapor transmission (MVT) is critical to the long-term durability of any slab-on-grade flooring. When moisture is present in concrete, it not only can cause blistering and peeling of a floor coating, but it can also prevent proper adherence to the slab. The end result could require a complete removal of the current system and the installation of a new floor coating system, which would include a moisture vapor barrier product.

The source of the moisture can come from the soil beneath the slab, especially if your facility is in an area in which the ground stays damp most of the year. One reason why moisture can seep up to the surface of the concrete is because a moisture protector beneath the slab was either omitted or installed incorrectly during the construction phase.

Moisture can also come from the concrete itself. This can occur because water is a major component of the mixing process in concrete, and it is a porous substance which absorbs water. If it was not left to cure for a sufficiently long period of time—possibly, several months to a year, with a recommended minimum cure time of 28 days—the moisture vapor can be transmitted to the surface. This cure time, however, is unrealistic for the production demands of many facilities.

Whatever the source, MVT can be both problematic and expensive and, in these circumstances, the value of an ounce of prevention definitely exceeds the value of a pound of cure.

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Tennant Moisture Vapor Control Coatings

Tennant, a world leader in both advanced floor coatings and cleaning equipment, offers a fast-acting moisture-vapor epoxy product to address the MVT challenge.


Eco-MVB, our moisture-vapor barrier primer, is a fluid-applied epoxy, offering a quick resolution to the combined issues of MVT and the long cure rate of concrete; as it can be applied over green concrete that is 7 to 28 days old.

This eco-friendly product is VOC compliant and offers LEED® v4− Indoor Air Quality Credits. Eco-MVB is a single coat application which helps reduce the amount of product used and waste. Other benefits of a single coat application include both reduced downtime for the customer and labor costs for the contractor. It’s meant to be applied directly to the concrete prior to any other epoxy or urethane floor coating system. There are three application thicknesses to choose from (12 mils, 17 mils and 22 mils). The thickness of the application is determined by the age of the slab and it’s moisture vapor emission rate.

Why Tennant Coatings

Since its inception in 1870, Tennant has been at the vanguard of introducing innovative solutions to the flooring industry, earning its place as a trusted global leader.

Our flooring experts stand ready to discuss your needs and help you select the best options for your facility. For more information contact us today!