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Eco-CEP™ White

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Eco-CEP™ White

Tennant’s Eco-CEP White (Colored Epoxy Primer) is used as both a primer and/or build coat which helps provide a more consistent background when using white urethane topcoats​​​

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​​Key Features of Eco-CEP White

  • LEED – Credits available – Indoor Environmental Quality – 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint & Coatings
  • 100% solids epoxy
  • Seals concrete and provides a more consistent background (better hide) for white urethane topcoats


  • First prime the floor with Eco-CEP at 321-535 sq ft per gallon (3-5 mils) to minimize outgassing
  • Then apply Eco-CEP at 80-160 sq ft per gallon (10-20 mils)
  • Eco-CEP White is pigmented white

Color and Size Options

  • Eco-CEP is pigmented white,
    • Colorants may be added
      • Note: the end result will not be an exact match to the added colorant
      • Call technical support for detailed information
  • Eco-CEP White (with Eco-MPE) - 4 gallon unit
    • Part number 9002628
    • Kit Includes:
      • Eco-CEP White Part A (Qty 1)
      • Eco-MPE Part B (Qty 1)
  • Eco-CEP White (with Eco-MPE) - 20 gallon unit
    • Part number 9002630
    • Kit Includes:
      • Eco-CEP White Part A (Qty 3)
      • Eco-MPE Part B (Qty 1)

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