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Epoxy Floor Coating Products

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Epoxies have long been one of the most popular and versatile floor coatings for virtually every type of commercial and industrial enterprise, including manufacturing, warehousing, retail stores, healthcare facilities, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical and laboratory areas.​

Epoxy floor coatings bring significant advantages to commercial facilities, including:

  • Excellent durability, which can help extend the lifespan of a concrete substrate
  • Capable of withstanding a great deal of stress from both pedestrian and heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and decorative options to suit any design.
  • Useful for repairing damaged concrete as well as being applied as a topcoat.

Why Choose an Epoxy?

“Versatile” is a term often used for epoxy floor coatings because, depending on the exact product, they can be used for virtually every different layer of a floor coating system, such as a primer coat, grout coat, build coat or topcoat.

To accommodate such a wide variety of applications, and to address specific conditions or potential concerns, Tennant offers 15 different products. Choose from epoxy products that:

  • Are chemical resistant
  • Have the ability to flex as the substrate moves
  • Are quick curing
  • Are UV-resistant, to slow yellowing of the epoxy over time
  • Can help mitigate Moisture Vapor Transmission from within/below the concrete slab
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8 Products Available

Low VOC Epoxies – What Are They and Why Should You Care?

The presence of excessive Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, and can be a cause concern for the safety and health of those who install the product, as well as the indoor air quality within a facility during the product installation. In addition, when a product contains higher VOC’s, it can sometimes exude a more prominent odor during application. That’s why Tennant offers several epoxies that are low VOC and low odor. In some cases, the use of low VOC/low odor epoxy products can enable you to keep your operations running during floor coating installation. By avoiding unnecessary downtime, you save both time and money.

Tennant Coatings is an industry leader in environmental stewardship. Our low VOC epoxy floor coatings have been installed in some of the most safety- and eco-conscious facilities around the world.


Decorative Benefits of Epoxy for Floor Coatings

As previously mentioned, epoxies can be used throughout various parts of a floor coating system, as they can also be tailored to target specific needs of an industry or application. However one thing that should be emphasized is that epoxies are also great to use in decorative flooring systems. From a simple solid color scheme, to impressive metallic decorative systems, epoxy resins can play a significant role. For example in decorative flake or quartz systems, an epoxy coating is applied as the basecoat into which multicolored flake or quartz blends are broadcast. To seal in the quartz or flake, it is once again a low VOC epoxy that is applied over the quartz or flake, creating a beautiful, durable floor.

Whatever color scheme or specific design you have in mind, epoxy coatings are often the essential building blocks needed to fulfill your decorative flooring design vision.

The Tennant team of experts will work with you to help determine which product(s) will meet your specific needs while offering the best value.

Tennant floor cleaning machines are known the world over for their reliability and quality. Tennant coatings offer the same level of product integrity. Contact us today!​​​