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Concrete Mortar Floor Coating Products

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Repairing concrete flooring can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, especially in large areas. At Tennant Coatings, we offer concrete mortar products to help repair and level eroded and damaged concrete flooring. Our experts are on hand to discuss your needs and can determine what products will best meet them. Our products have been designed and manufactured for a variety of industries and applications—so we are sure we have what you are looking for!

Types of Concrete Mortar Products & Solutions

At Tennant Coatings, we offer a self-leveling mortar that can also be used as a general-purpose underlayment. The self-leveling mortar leaves a finished surface that can withstand temporary construction traffic and is ideal for floor toppings. Additionally, we offer a concrete repair mortar that can be used to repair damaged concrete and to slope floors.

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Concrete Mortar Products for All Industries

Concrete mortar is a heavy-duty floor topping that can be used to patch or resurface concrete, metal, and wood floors—offering superior durability and resistance to heavy traffic. The product can be applied directly onto the floor without prior application of a bonding agent, and it can also be used to repair holes and complete other patch jobs.

Uniquely designed, our products excel at leveling large areas and work with a variety of surfaces such as concrete, well-bonded abraded mortars, and ceramic tiles. It can be prepared for the installation of carpet, resilient floors, wood parquet, slate, ceramic tile, marble, granite, or stone veneer floors.

Tennant’s concrete mortar products also excel at repairing damaged concrete and to slope floors for warehouses, vertical repairs, truck docks, heavy industrial repairs, commercial floors, and ramps. It can withstand extreme temperatures and is ideal for fast-track projects in high traffic areas including streets and truck docks.

Multi-Industry Flooring Solutions & Applications

Concrete mortar flooring products offered by Tennant Coatings are sure to meet your facility’s unique demands and requirements. Typically used in commercial or industrial situations, concrete mortar products provide a very durable floor. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your flooring needs.