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Tennant’s Eco-UVE™ (Ultraviolet Epoxy) is a high solids epoxy with excellent UV resistance. It can be used as a prime coat, build coat or grout coat and is frequently used in both pigmented and decorative flooring systems. Orange peel option available when mixed with fumed silica.

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Key Features of Eco-UVE™

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Easy to clean, helping save on detergent, labor and water costs
  • Low odor formula
  • LEED – Credits available – Indoor Environmental Quality – 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint & Coatings


  • Apply Eco-UVE™ at 80-535 sq ft per gallon (3-20 mils), max 35 mils combined prime and build coats

Color and Size Options

  • Choose a clear coating or select from standard and custom colors
  • Eco-UVE™ - 15 gallon unit
    • Part number 9021902
    • Kit Includes:
      • Eco-UVE™ Part A (Qty 2)
      • Eco-UVE™ Part B (Qty 1)


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