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Eco-FLA is a low odor, rapid cure, aliphatic topcoat coat used in both Tennant Flex Deck System and Eco-Flex Deck System ​

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  • Apply Eco-FLA at 80-100 sq ft per gallon (15-20 mils) over a broadcast surface
  • It can be applied in single or multiple coats and is insensitive to moisture

Color and Size Options

  • Stocked Colors:
  • Special order colors available:

  • Each Eco-FLA kit contains:
    • Eco-FLA Part A (Qty 1)
    • Eco-FLA Part B (Qty 1)
  • Eco-FLA Clear - 2 gallon unit
    • Part number 9014415
  • Eco-FLA Light Gray – 4.4 gallon unit
    • Part number 9013614
  • Eco-FLA Medium Gray – 4.4 gallon uniT
    • Part number 9013709
  • Eco-FLA Dark Gray – 4.4 gallon unit
    • Part number 9013710
  • Eco-FLA – Tan – 4.4 gallon unit
    • Part number 9014575
  • Eco-FLA – White – 4.4 gallon unit
    • Part number 9014573

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