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Eco-DSS™ Cove

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Eco-DSS™ Cove

Eco-DSS Cove (Decorative Stone Slurry Cove) is a three-part, light-stable, epoxy-based, decorative slurry specifically formulated for cove application. This product is to be used in conjunction with Eco-DSS installations.

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Color and Size Options

  • Eco-DSS Cove 3 gal kit
    • Eco–DSS Cove Part A (Qty 1)
    • Eco–DSS Cove Part B (Qty 1)
    • Eco–DSS Cove Part C (Qty 1)
  • Eco-DSS Colors and Part Numbers:
    • Eco–DSS Cove Celestial Blue
      • Part Number 9021333

    • Eco–DSS Cove Coastline
      • Part Number 9021338

    • Eco–DSS Cove Frosted Pine
      • Part Number 9021342

    • Eco–DSS Cove Geranium Red
      • Part Number 9021339

    • Eco–DSS Cove Midnight Sky
      • Part Number 9021336

    • Eco–DSS Cove Misty Gray
      • Part Number 9021341

    • Eco–DSS Cove Pacific Blue
      • Part Number 9021340

    • Eco–DSS Cove Plum
      • Part Number 9021337

    • Eco–DSS Cove Smokey Walnut
      • Part Number 9021335

    • Eco–DSS Cove Sunset Sky
      • Part Number 9021344

    • Eco–DSS Cove Sunshine
      • Part Number 9021343

    • Eco–DSS Cove Volcanic Ash
      • Part Number 9021334

Color Options:

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