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Marion-Polk Food Share

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Durable and Hygienic Food Safe Flooring

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Top-Shelf Flooring For Food Share

The Marion-Polk Food Share is a regional food bank for Marion and Polk counties used by volunteers who sort and repack a variety of food, distributing food to more than 100 partner agencies in support of the community. They package and deliver food to meal sites, food pantries, foster homes, low-income day care centers, shelters and senior housing sites. Seniors and disabled adults living in their homes also receive hand delivered meals, serving approximately 40,000 people in total each month, including 14,000 children.

Marion-Polk Food Share was looking for a durable, food-safe floor that would protect the concrete substrate, clean easily, withstand high traffic and improve the overall look of the warehouse. Tennant’s Eco-RCE™, Eco-RCE™/M and Eco-HTS™ 100 topcoat system, in a light gray color, was the perfect and affordable solution for their situation. In addition, white line striping was added to designate both walking and working areas while simultaneously providing visual appeal.

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System Information

Eco-RCE™, Eco-RCE™/M and Eco-HTS™ 100 with light gray colorant
Initially Tennant’s Eco-RCE (Rapid Cure Epoxy) is applied as a primer. Then a coat of Eco-RCE/M, pigmented with light gray colorant, is applied as the build coat. Eco-HTS 100, also pigmented, is applied as the final topcoat. Eco-HTS 100 was chosen for multiple purposes. The aluminum oxide in the Eco-HTS 100 not only helps provide a light texture to help aid against slip and fall incidents but it also helps provide extra wearability in high traffic areas.

  • Low odor / low VOC
  • Slip resistance and durability that withstands high-volume traffic
  • Aliphatic - it will not yellow over time
  • Quick cure times to complete project within time sensitive shutdown
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Coatings solutions for the food and beverage industry.


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