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Warehousing and Logistics Flooring Systems

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Warehouse Flooring & Coatings

Innovative and effective flooring solutions for warehouse floors are important for efficient production on the assembly line, for stores and showrooms displaying the finished items for customers, and for every step in between. This includes warehouses and other storage facilities, where large volumes of product are housed every day. Because the purpose of such facilities is to efficiently store products before they are sold, there is great incentive to use the space as resourcefully as possible, fitting the highest volume of goods into a given space. In many storage facilities, this means pallets of products stacked on top of one other or inserted into ceiling-high shelving racks to optimize the use of vertical space. While this is effective in maximizing storage capacity, it can also place some unique demands on the floor surface that supports these heavy duty activities.

Durable & Protective Warehouse Floor Coatings

Unsealed concrete slabs alone often prove insufficient when exposed to the pressures of warehouse facilities long term. Concrete is vulnerable to abrasion, sudden impact and cracking under frequent heavy loads. Epoxy and other high performance resinous flooring systems installed over the concrete substrate can typically help repair surface damage and enhance the compressive strength, impact resistance and load-bearing capacity of the slab, creating a monolithic, virtually seamless warehouse floor surface that can withstand impressive loads and the wear and tear of forklifts and other industrial equipment.

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Flooring Systems for Every Type of Warehouse Storage Facility

The specific needs of a flooring system in a warehouse or other storage facility will depend to a large degree on the nature of the products being stored. While just about any warehouse requires durable, abrasion-resistant flooring that can withstand heavy loads and vehicle traffic, other needs are industry specific. Some facilities housing food and beverage products, for example, may need to be kept below a certain temperature for health and safety reasons. In this case, the flooring system chosen would need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, and potentially a wide degree of temperature fluctuation.

Other warehouses may be housing products that are flammable, explosive, or otherwise dangerous. Many chemical products are volatile, toxic, or corrosive if spilled or exposed to changing conditions. Depending on the nature of these substances, it may be important to have a flooring system for a warehouse floor that provides superior chemical resistance, will help mitigate the build-up of static electricity, or otherwise contribute to a safer or more stable environment in which to store the product.

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Customizable Epoxy Flooring Solutions to Enhance Worker Safety

In addition to the practical demands placed on a warehouse flooring system by the products being housed, the safety of the workers employed on the floor of the facility must also be taken into consideration. Slip resistance is critical for areas frequented by employees. And in some cases, federal and state regulations may govern aisle delineation colors, striping, directional markings, and other specifics of a flooring system, to create an across-the-board standard and enhance worker safety. Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings can be customized and installed in multiple colors to help ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Warehouse Flooring by Tennant Coatings

At Tennant Coatings, our cutting edge research and development team is at the forefront of polymer technology, consistently working on new solutions to make your facility flooring better and your work life easier. Contact us today to see how we can help!