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Parking Deck and Garage Flooring Systems

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Particularly in large metropolitan areas, parking is a valued commodity, and regular users of parking facilities come to rely on these structures as a part of their daily routine. When a parking garage shuts down for maintenance, hundreds of people can be inconvenienced in a single day. With the constant weight of heavy vehicles and moving traffic, parking garage flooring must be incredibly strong, durable, and properly installed to avoid deterioration that would necessitate a temporary closure of the facility.

Polyurethane floor coatings are an ideal option for parking structures and commercial garage flooring. By helping preserve the underlying concrete, polyurethane flooring can also help enhance safety and extend the lifespan of a concrete garage floor.

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Safe and Reliable Parking Deck Flooring

Many parking deck is constantly exposed to the elements. Outdoor parking deck coatings must provide concrete with protection in various weather conditions, as the slab surfaces may come in direct contact with rain, snow, hail, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures. Even covered parking garages are subject to changing temperatures and the conditions such as winter road salt, chemicals or sand that gets tracked in on vehicle tires. Parking deck flooring must be durable enough to withstand this constant exposure to the elements, as well as to heavy vehicle traffic that can include hot tire pickup. When hot tires gain traction on a flooring system, they can sometimes peel up the top layer of sealant. A properly installed polyurethane floor finish avoids this problem.

In multilevel parking structures, structural integrity is of vital importance. Moisture intrusion must be mitigated at every step of construction, to prevent the corrosion and deterioration of the underlying concrete, or even the metal structures. Experienced resinous flooring contractors can evaluate the condition of parking deck concrete substrates and offer floor coating systems with enhanced waterproofing or moisture vapor mitigating properties where needed.

Commercial Polyurethane Garage Flooring

In a commercial garage or mechanic setting, the harsh elements to which the flooring system will be exposed are multiplied. In addition to the weight and movement of heavy vehicles, it is common to have spills of oil, fuel, and solvents that will leech into an unsealed concrete floor, causing both an unsightly stain and an accumulation of chemicals that could leach into soil and groundwater. Heavy, sharp tools will inevitably be dropped, so puncture resistance is an important feature in this setting, as is slip resistance to enhance worker safety. Polyurethane floor coatings for commercial garages meet these requirements and can be laid out with different colors and areas to adhere to any OSHA regulations.

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Save with Polyurethane Parking Garage Flooring

Polyurethane floor coatings are an investment that pays off quickly through low maintenance requirements and ease of cleaning. Because the surface is water proof, high pressure hoses can be used when cleaning is necessary, saving the need for any meticulous or arduous work. Additionally, the right parking garage flooring system can help keep energy costs in check. It can be difficult to keep parking garages well lit, particularly those that are 24-hour and/or multilevel, therefore having a lighter colored floor can help with light reflectivity by multiplying the effect of existing light, thus, potentially helping save money on electricity.

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