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Multi-Industry Flooring Systems

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With so many different flooring systems available for commercial and industrial applications, it can be difficult to know which will be best for your unique application. At Tennant Coatings, we offer a wide range of the best fluid-applied concrete floor coatings and our experts are on hand to discuss your particular needs and which systems may be best able to meet them. We have designed and manufactured concrete flooring systems for a variety of industries, including animal and pet care, arenas, stadiums, automotive, aviation, education, electronics, fire, police, rescue, food and beverage, grocery, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, parking decks, garages, pharmaceutical, restaurants, warehouses, and more!

Flooring Systems for All Industries

Regardless of the industry, there are areas in every building and facility where additional floor protection is required. Stairways, hallways, aisleways, and restrooms—for example—are commonly used and high-trafficked areas, and without protection, the concrete substrate could be at risk. At Tennant Coatings, we produce outstanding, long-lasting commercial and industrial flooring solutions needed to help maintain the integrity of a concrete substrate in any facility.

Tennant Coatings designs and manufactures concrete flooring systems for aisleways, bar areas, beverage stations, battery charging areas, cafeterias, coolers, freezers, helicopter landing pads, kitchens, laboratories, loading docks, mechanical rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, sales floors, stairwells, warehouses, washrooms, and more. No matter the industry or the application, we can find the best floor coating or polishing solution to meet virtually any flooring need.

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Selecting Multi-Industry Flooring Systems for Your Unique Application

For any given project, the best flooring system will depend heavily on the current conditions of the concrete and the environmental conditions of the area. A food processing plant or facility, for example, will have different needs and requirements than a retail area that experiences foot and cart traffic. Even within a single facility, different areas may have different flooring needs that need to be addressed through different systems. In choosing the best floor coating for your facility, you should consider which of these conditions will be present:

  • Storage and/or movement of heavy equipment
  • Exposure to caustic chemical compounds
  • Traffic by vehicles such as forklifts or wheeled carts
  • Risk of abrasion or puncture
  • Extreme fluctuating temperatures
  • High levels of moisture
  • Static electricity

Considering the conditions of the area is extremely important because it is essential that the flooring system selected is durable and has the qualities necessary to withstand the conditions where it is installed.

Multi-Industry Flooring Safety Considerations

Investing in a flooring system that is sufficiently durable for a given environment is a matter of safety. Our various flooring solutions provide features beyond durability and strength. They also can offer additional levels of safety that:

  • Helps mitigate the spread of pathogens. This is especially crucial in healthcare settings and food processing facilities where bacteria and other microbes may spread and have significant consequences.
  • Minimizes the risk of slip and falls. In heavily trafficked areas, helping minimize the risk of slip and fall incidents by adding texture or additional grit to a system is necessary,
  • Dissipates static electricity buildup. In facilities that process delicate electronic instruments, minor electric shock can cause irreversible damage. Protect precision instruments with flooring that prevents the buildup of a static charge.
  • Multi-Industry Flooring Solutions & Applications

    Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems offered by Tennant Coatings can be installed to meet your facility’s unique demands and requirements. We offer our systems in a variety of colors, as well as a broad spectrum of decorative flake or quartz systems in solids or blends. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your flooring needs.