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Industrial and Manufacturing Flooring Systems

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Machine Shop​​

Machine Shop Flooring

If you could think of one word that should describe machine shop flooring, it would probably have to be “tough.”

It has to withstand a wide scope of stresses, including:

  • The compressive wear from the weight of heavy equipment, such as drill presses and lathes, as well as from foot and vehicular traffic, like forklifts.
  • Abrasion from metal shavings or other types particles, so easily ground in by all that foot and vehicular traffic.
  • Harsh chemicals such as acids, oils, solvents and a host of other products that could be leaked or spilled.
  • The heavy and/or sharp tools that could be dropped, causing cracks or punctures.

While a concrete slab is certainly a tough substrate, it is a porous material that, without the proper coatings, can crack, buckle and become pitted. This can result in a number of dangers to personnel, as well as to expensive equipment. Just think about the damage a forklift can undertake arising from the repetitive impact caused by driving over large divots. Not only can it cause instability of the forklift, the wellbeing of the driver can also be at stake. Repetitive damage can also cause suspension issues and can require more frequent and costly repairs.

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Machine Shop Flooring Continued...

Apart from helping reduce costly repairs, another important aspect of installing a floor coating is its ability to help aid against slip-and-fall incidents. If a floor is covered with pits, cracks and spilled liquids, additional texture is necessary to provide slip resistance for foot traffic. Also, when concrete is left uncoated, overtime it can begin to deteriorate and release dust particles into the air that are not only dangerous to people when inhaled, but can find their way inside equipment, causing further equipment damage or failures.​



Tennant’s Solutions

Tennant offers a selection of floor coating systems that are to address the challenges of a machine shop floor and your budget. Keeping your specific needs in mind, we provide systems that:

  • Are different thicknesses, such as thin mil, silica sand broadcast and resurfacer.
  • Offer gloss and satin finishes.
  • Are available in various textures - smooth, light, medium and heavy.
  • Offer chemical resistance
  • Are UV-resistant and aliphatic, to slow potential ambering of the floor coating when exposed to UV rays.
  • Fall into different price ranges
  • Are available in a wide variety of standard colors and custom colors are available upon request.
  • Low odor and Low VOC products

As Tennant Company is known the world over for our reliable and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, you can expect the same reliability and state-of-the-art performance in our floor coatings. If you are looking for an optimal choice in flooring for your machine shop floor, don’t wait any longer, contact us today!​​​​