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Healthcare Flooring Systems

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From doctors’ offices to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, healthcare settings pose specific challenges in finding the right flooring system. In addition to withstanding traffic from people, gurneys, and heavy equipment, hygienic concerns are crucial in installing and maintaining healthcare facility floors. Epoxy flooring and other resinous systems are often the best choice for hospitals and other similar settings, as they couple strength and durability with outstanding hygiene and minimal maintenance.

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Healthcare Floors Built to Last

Untreated concrete slabs, often the foundation for a flooring system, are vulnerable to cracking, crumbling, and otherwise wearing over time. Adding a resinous floor coating over the concrete substrate greatly increases its bearing capacity, longevity, and durability. These coatings are also extremely resistant to abrasions and punctures, so heavy equipment being moved, spills, and dropped medical instruments do not pose a danger with the correct formulation of epoxy coating. VCT tile and heat-sealed vinyl plank are other flooring types sometimes seen in healthcare facilities, however, over time the tile floor can require frequent buffing and waxing in order to keep its luster, while the heat-welded plant floor seals can tend to crack. In some cases, various resinous flooring systems can be applied directly over prepared VCT tile, thus eliminating pesky maintenance costs and frequent shut down times.

Because epoxy and other similar resinous flooring systems are installed as liquids, the floor produced is smooth and virtually seamless, with almost no grout lines or seams associated with other flooring systems. Additionally, when aggregate-filled, resinous floors are stronger and less vulnerable, as an impact tends to spread over a larger surface. With tile flooring, it is not uncommon for the corners of tiles to eventually begin to crumble and crack, creating an unsanitary, unsafe condition for patients, visitors, and staff.

Keeping Patients Safe with Hygienic Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare settings witness many individuals with compromised immune systems moving through the facility each day, and it goes without saying that cleanliness is paramount to maintaining the safety of both patients and staff. Porous grout lines or unsealed concrete substrates can be absorbent, and the uneven surface of a multiple-piece flooring system can leave cracks and creases where dirt and harmful microorganisms can gather. These floors often require extensive maintenance procedures to avoid the risk of dangerous microbes flourishing unchecked, spreading infection or disease. Because epoxy floors are virtually seamless, the surfaces can be kept far more sanitary and hygienic.

A common request in healthcare flooring is an integrally coved flooring system for easier cleaning. This configuration can help avoid the buildup of contaminants in corners and floor-to-wall seams. In a healthcare setting where patients may have weakened immunity or physical impairments doing everything possible to minimize the risk of infection is critical.

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Creating a Healing Healthcare Environment

Hospitals and other healthcare settings today are moving away from the very institutional and aesthetically-sterile designs of the past. Research suggests that patients feel more positive and experience better health outcomes when the environment is warmer and more inviting. This is particularly true of pediatric facilities, which often go out of their way to incorporate fun, bright designs for their young patients. Whatever age group your facility serves, a multicolor flake blend or pattern on the floor can help create a more positive environment for patients, both young and old, while providing a high level of flooring protection, supportive of efforts against the spread of disease in a clinical setting.

Just as Tennant floor maintenance machines help keep healthcare facilities cleaner the world over, Tennant Coatings is ready to assist with high value flooring solutions. Contact us today!