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Tennant Coatings is now Sherwin-Williams® High Performance Flooring!
Starting January 2023, you’ll find our expanded line of products and systems at

Grocery Retail Flooring Systems

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Loading Dock​​​

Loading dock areas take on some of the worst abuse within a facility. They require floors that are durable enough to handle both heavy loads and wheel traffic throughout the day. Furthermore, spillage of chemicals, powders and other liquids can occur while being transported and unfortunately, if left uncoated, loading dock areas can become damaged with cracks divots and even erosion. Tennant Coatings high-performance flooring systems can help protect the concrete substrate in loading dock areas, thus helping increase employee, equipment and building safety, as well as the longevity of the floor.

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11 Systems Available

Resinous Flooring Systems for Loading Docks

Epoxy and urethane or even epoxy mortar products are excellent flooring options for loading dock facilities. With a wide variety of flooring systems to choose from, Tennant Coatings flooring systems can offer the following benefits for your facility:

  • Withstand both high foot and wheel traffic, and heavy loads
  • Chemical and acid resistance
  • Static control to help protect sensitive electronic equipment
  • Slip resistance that is customizable to meet your facility’s needs
  • Products where LEED credits may be available
  • UV resistance to withstand yellowing of the coating system over time

State-of-the-Art Floor Refinishing for Loading Dock Facilities

Tennant Coatings offer a wide range of advantages for loading dock facilities, due to their durability, visual appeal, and low-maintenance. We also offer flooring that addresses a wide range of unique concerns. Tennant provides floor coating options for:

  • Both concrete slab and walls
  • Waterproofing, creating a barrier that is impervious to water and other liquids
  • Installation over green concrete, to help speed up production without having to wait for a concrete slab to completely cure
  • Thermal stability

Decorative Epoxy and Urethane Loading Dock Floor Coatings

Our floors aren’t just functional - they are also visually-pleasing. Tennant Coatings has decorative flake, quartz, metallic and decorative slurry systems available. These floor systems provide durability, slip-resistance, are easy to clean and maintain, and are pleasing to the eye. Additionally, our flooring solutions are available in many different blends and colors, giving your facility the option for personalized floors.

Choosing Your Loading Dock Flooring

When you work with Tennant Coatings, you can expect high-quality flooring that meets your functional and aesthetic standards. Please contact us today for more information on our resinous floor coatings!