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Fire, Police and Rescue Flooring Systems

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Fire fighters, police officers, rescue workers, and other public safety personnel have devoted their lives to serving their communities, often putting themselves in harm’s way to help others. The facilities where they work are fast-paced, dynamic environments that rely on efficient layouts and rapid response to function well. No time can be lost tripping over damaged floor tiles or slipping in spills, so having fire and public safety flooring that is durable, strong, and safe is of critical importance. And since these facilities are typically built with taxpayer money, it is more important than ever to invest in a flooring system that requires little maintenance for a low lifetime cost.​

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Fire Safety Flooring

A fire could happen at any time, and the personnel at fire stations are in a constant state of alert and preparedness, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. In addition to being able to withstand the constant pressure of heavy fire engines and equipment, a fire safety floor must also be impervious to hot tire pickup, a phenomenon in which the sealant of a flooring system is pulled up by hot vehicle tires.

Fire department flooring should also help alleviate slip and fall incidents and be durable enough to withstand the impact of potentially dropped equipment. When the alarm sounds, there’s no time for the crew to be worried about slipping on a wet floor or damaging the flooring system with a dropped tool.

A durable resinous epoxy or urethane floor coating can be far stronger than an untreated concrete slab, and provides an easy-to-clean virtually seamless surface, and effectively withstands abrasion and impact. All these factors go into providing a safer, more reliable surface for the brave men and women who risk their lives protecting us, as they work and handle their equipment.

Police and Public Safety Flooring Systems

The floors installed in police stations and other public safety facilities serve dual purposes: in addition to being utilitarian and functional, they should also be attractive and high quality. While these facilities are utilized in different ways, a primary objective is to help facilitate interactions between public safety officers and community members. To make the best possible impression, a clean, well-maintained floor is paramount. And because these facilities’ services are in constant demand, there isn’t a lot of downtime for repairs, so the system must tolerate wear and tear exceptionally well.

From parking and maintenance garages, to holding cells, restrooms and locker rooms, police station floors receive a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Seamless flooring can help keep these areas clean and aid against bacteria growth, and with proper added textures, they can help aid prevent slip and fall incidents. In busy, 24/7 public facilities, highly chemical resistant, non-absorptive surfaces able to withstand exposure to a broad range of spilled substances as well as harsh sanitizing agents supports the wellbeing and safety of building occupants, while simultaneously providing taxpayers with excellent long-term flooring value.


Serve Your Community Proudly

The Tennant Company family, including our floor maintenance equipment and Tennant Coatings divisions, is committed to local volunteerism and global stewardship. We salute the incredible work and sacrifice of firefighters, police officers, EMTs, rescue workers, and others, who work hard every day to help keep our communities healthy and safe.

A long-lasting epoxy or other resinous floor coating like those produced by Tennant Coatings helps keep our public servants’ work environment safe and hygienic. In addition to offering a choice of decorative patterns, colored flake and quartz blends, these floors can also be made to include a logo, mascot image, crest, or other mark of community spirit. For more details, contact a Tennant Coatings expert Today.