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Electronics Flooring Systems

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Electronics Flooring Systems

Facilities with semiconductors and other advanced electronics are at risk of equipment breakdown via moisture, mold growth, and more. When operating expensive electronics, investing in certain resinous flooring systems protects your electronic equipment, creating a safer work environment and decreasing the chances of costly repairs.

Tennant Coatings offers several electronics flooring systems that prevent electronic degradation and safety hazards, including ESD conductive and dissipative flooring systems.

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5 Systems Available

Resinous Systems for Semiconductors and Electronics Facilities

Both epoxy and urethane products are great choices for facilities with electronic equipment. Our variety of flooring systems offer many beneficial capabilities for your electronics facility, including:

  • Virtually seamless flooring and cove-to-wall base options to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens that can degrade the quality of your equipment
  • Chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemicals
  • Static control to help protect sensitive electronic equipment
  • Fast curing options
  • Low odor, low VOC products
  • Products where LEED credits may be available
  • UV resistance to withstand yellowing of the coating system over time
  • Floor surfaces with the ability to dissipate electrical static
  • Slip-resistance

Options for Refinishing Flooring in Electronics Facilities

At Tennant Coatings, we offer ESD - static control - flooring systems for electronics facilities. These types of flooring systems are ideal for places that operate large or expensive electronic equipment for several reasons. For one, our ESD floor coatings are completely bonded to the concrete slab, eliminating areas where mold and moisture can grow. This prevents important equipment, production, or assembly processes from being compromised. Furthermore, some of our ESD systems are offer high-chemical resistance and slip resistance. They are also simple to maintain over the long term.

State-of-the-Art Electronics Flooring for More Visually-Pleasing Facilities

Flooring should be functional and visually appealing. For areas within an electronics facility that do not require ESD flooring, our flooring experts have developed multiple decorative flake and quartz systems for stronger durability, easier cleaning, and increased visual appeal. Our flooring systems are available in a wide variety of colors and blends. They can be customized to create a personalized look for your building too. What’s more, our systems provide a slight texture, which helps prevent slip and fall incidents in slick or wet areas of your facility.

Choosing your Electronics Flooring System

Our team is known and respected the world over for the quality of coatings products and our commitment to our customers. Tennant Coatings will work with you to ensure you have the products that best meet your needs. Contact our team​​​ of experts today for more information about our electronics flooring systems!