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Electronics Flooring Systems

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Data Center​​

Flooring for Data Server Rooms

Whether located on site, duplicated remotely, or are housed in public facilities offering cloud access, data centers have become the lifeblood of many of the world’s organizations—from small and mid-size operations to Fortune 500 companies.

They house every bit and byte of data vital to a company’s operations, and the even slightest malfunction of any piece of equipment can cause irreparable damage: loss or corruption of information, downtime and customer dissatisfaction, to say nothing of the cost of repairs and restoration of a damaged facility.

Even worse is the fact that minor damage can go unnoticed for periods of time, making it difficult to trace certain types of problems.

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Tennant Coatings Solutions for the Problems in Data Server Rooms

Flooring Solution to Dissipate Static Electricity

Our electrostatic discharge (ESD) and conductive and dissipative coating systems, allow static electricity to continually flow to a grounding point, where it is discharged from the space. The process involves an undercoat of an epoxy primer and build coat. These are UV stable and have low or no odor or VOCs, so LEED credits are available. The options we offer include:

  • Static control systems available in conductive and dissipative options

  • Glass and satin finish options

  • A wide variety of color options

  • Epoxy and/or urethane systems

  • UV and chemical resistance

Flooring Solution for Durability

As described, our customized formulas make it possible to combine durability, texture and static control, all in one, offering protection to personnel and equipment.

Flooring Solution for Moisture Vapor Control

As previously mentioned, our MVT products to help keep equipment safe from the effects of moisture vapor transmission. However, it is important to know if your concrete slab has high levels of moisture prior to applying an ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative System) or else moisture can cause issues and possible delamination of the ESD system, which can result in failed ESD mitigation.

What will work best for you?

With so many options, it can be hard to choose. Contact our team​​​ of experienced professionals for a consultation.