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Aviation and Aerospace Flooring Systems

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High standards are the norm in the aviation and aerospace industry, which demands the same level of excellence in its facility floor coatings. From aesthetics to durability and safety, the right flooring in aviation​ and aerospace operations can make all the difference in the overall success of day-to-day operations.

Protection and Added Durability for Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are a common sight in facilities that store and repair commercial or government aircraft. When bare and unsealed, concrete is porous and can easily soak up jet fuel, Skydrol®, solvents and other aircraft fluids, eventually causing the concrete to break down over time. The more corrosive the substance, the more likely it is that floors will become uneven and damaged, posing a safety threat to technicians, pilots and other maintenance and hangar personnel.

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Floor Coatings with Aesthetics and High-Performance in Mind

Image-conscious aviation facilities typically specify a high-gloss coating that is easy to clean and delivers excellent light reflectivity. Without proper protection, the introduction of grease, solvents and harsh cleaning solutions can cause concrete floors to become dull, stained and unsightly.

Beyond great aesthetics, floor coatings for the aviation and aerospace industry may also require:

  • Skid resistance to help prevent slip hazards
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Maximum abrasion resistance to withstand heavy traffic
  • Good compressive strength to bear the weight of aircraft
  • Static control in the presence of sensitive avionics

Flooring for aviation and aerospace facilities must perform under the rigorous conditions of daily operations and cleanings, yet retain its beautiful, highly reflective finish over the long term. A well selected and installed flooring system can stand up to frequent chemical spills and wear-and-tear, while improving the safety of building occupants and providing an elegant backdrop for prized aircraft.

Flooring Systems Flooring Systems Suited for a Variety of Uses

Different facilities in the aviation and aerospace industry have varying flooring needs. Our high performance urethane floor coating systems and topcoats can be easily customized to suit the unique requirements of specific areas or departments. Industry-renowned, this cutting-edge resinous flooring is ideal for a variety of uses and operations within aviation and aerospace facilities including:

  • Aircraft maintenance and repair hangars
  • Avionics storage and installation locations
  • Aerospace manufacturing and assembly facilities
  • Concourses and public spaces

Thanks to our broad selection of systems, virtually every floor within aviation and aerospace facilities can receive optimal protection and aesthetics.

All Aviation 

Customizable Resinous & Urethane Coatings

Formulated for each individual facility and its requirements, Tennant’s experienced R&D department has developed floor coating systems that offer aircraft and aerospace facility managers a solution for every flooring concern, while providing exceptional durability and a long usable life.

Customization options for our urethane floor coatings and systems include:

  • Choice of slip resistance
  • Quick cure / fast turnaround
  • Safety lines and markings
  • Special aesthetics, including embedded logos
  • Low odor installation
  • Moisture vapor transmission mitigation
  • Electrostatic dissipative systems
  • LEED point contribution

High performance, safety-conscious and uniquely designed aviation flooring is within reach, installed by our experienced, authorized flooring contractors.

Your Solution for Commercial and Government Aircraft and Aerospace Flooring

Since 1870, Tennant has led the way in helping customers create a cleaner, safer and healthier world through innovative floor maintenance and coatings solutions. Today, Tennant Coatings is the industry standard in product quality, reliability and customer service.

Contact us today to discuss the needs of your facility! An experienced Tennant Coatings representative can guide you in selecting the best flooring system for nnant Coatings representative can guide you in selecting the best flooring system for your unique aviation or aerospace facility.