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Automotive Flooring Systems

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From the assembly line to the showroom floor and every place in between, facilities that manufacture, sell, and repair automobiles must be equipped with flooring systems that can handle the unique demands of the automotive industry. Concrete slabs alone are not enough to withstand the wear and tear of servicing motor vehicles: they scratch easily, are affected by contact with hot tires, provide a porous surface that absorbs spilled liquids, leaving behind stains and over time, can produce a fine dust that can be harmful if inhaled.

However, concrete slabs provide a foundation onto which a more advanced flooring system can be installed. Epoxy flooring systems and other resinous coatings produced by Tennant Coatings are multi-layered flooring systems installed as liquids for a smooth, nearly seamless surface. They are tough, strong and durable, and in many cases, can even be used to resurface and restore badly deteriorated concrete surfaces.

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Commercial & Industrial Flooring for Heavy Loads and Harsh Chemicals

Among the countless types of facilities in the automotive industry, all share a common need: flooring that can withstand the weight of automobiles and other transport vehicles on a daily basis. Epoxy, polyurethane, and similar fluid-applied flooring systems are installed to create a strong, solid, virtually seamless surface to minimize vulnerabilities wherein uncoated concrete would eventually begin to scratch, chip, or crumble. With the heavy machinery used in certain automotive industry settings, the flooring system must possess exceptional compressive and tensile strength, plus outstanding abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand impact when items fall from forklifts or when mechanics inadvertently drop small tools.

In automotive, truck and other vehicle production and repair, a variety of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals are often used. Even with the most diligent and careful employees, spills are inevitable, so the facility must be equipped with flooring that can easily withstand contact with corrosive substances. Damage to the flooring itself isn’t the only concern – unsealed concrete slabs are porous and can absorb the liquids spilled onto them. In addition to creating unsightly stains, this can also be very dangerous. Over time, chemicals can leach through the slab into the soil underneath, posing an environmental hazard. Impervious high performance epoxy and other floor coating systems can help mitigate this risk by isolating spilled materials on the surface, where they can be properly contained and disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

In addition, vehicular fluids and even soapy water in wash bays present slip-and-fall risks to workers. The customizable slip resistance of resinous flooring installation allows building owners and managers to choose from a range of skid inhibiting surfaces that balance optimal safety with easy clean-ability. For facilities that steam clean or hot power wash clients’ machine parts and engines as well as their flooring, Tennant Coatings’ cutting-edge urethane mortar provided an innovative, thermal shock resistant solution.

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Auto Dealer & Showroom Flooring that Dazzles

If you operate a showroom for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks or construction vehicles, aesthetic appeal is as high a priority as functional durability when evaluating the options for a flooring system. The finish must withstand the compressive weight of automobiles, but should also help enhance and showcase the beautiful merchandise, creating a space that is appealing to customers and highlights the positive aspects of the vehicles being shown. A common approach for showrooms across multiple industries is to make the space seem as brightly lit as possible. A white or other bright, highly reflective flooring surface increases illumination from all angles, creating a more attractive presentation. See how we can brighten your day by contacting us today!