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Arena and Stadium Flooring Systems

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When a sports fan enters a stadium or arena for a sporting event, they should feel a rush of pride and excitement about the upcoming game, and for the team they support. The physical characteristics of the stadium play a huge role in influencing how fans feel when they first enter the stadium or arena, and the right type of flooring can not only help ensure that fans feel anticipation of the upcoming event, but help create a positive and safe experience for both fans and athletes alike. Team colors incorporated into the stadium flooring promote team spirit, while a clean, sanitary and safe surface is a must.

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Durable Floor Coatings for Sports Venues

Stadium and event venue flooring can be exposed to a various types of. The resinous flooring in sporting and event facilities needs to be able to withstand the demands of high foot traffic, heavy vehicle loads, food and beverage preparation and cleaning, and ultimately weather and other external elements. MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) flooring systems in particular, when installed over a properly prepared concrete substrate, produces an incredibly strong, durable surface that can hold up under outdoor wear-and-tear. Some types of resinous flooring performs better than others in holding up to external elements. For example, some may yellow when exposed to sunlight, or degrade over time due to temperature fluctuations, rain, snow and the like. MMA systems can withstand all of these elements, keeping the floor looking and functioning great. Alternatively, urethane mortar systems easily withstand the demands of stadium and event venue food and beverage preparation facilities and can help inhibit bacterial growth in these critical areas. Having the right stadium and arena traffic surfaces where needed helps to keep each area safe, and up and running.

An uncoated concrete floor is porous, so spills of any substance can be absorbed, leaving stains and eventually weakening the substrate. At a sporting event, where fans of all ages are going to be excitedly bustling around with their drinks and snacks, sticky spills are to be expected. It’s important to make sure your stadium floors can be easily cleaned for the safety of guests and staff. Epoxy and other resinous coatings form an impermeable barrier that is nonporous and does not absorb spilled substances. As a smooth, virtually single surface, it is also easy to clean by the simplest methods, including mopping, hosing down, or pressure washing after a big game.

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Creative and Attractive Stadium Flooring

If a stadium venue is hosting a wide range of sporting events for different teams – for example, a multipurpose community area – then the flooring system must be versatile. In such a case, if the city where it’s located has a flag or colors it’s proud of, these can be incorporated into the flooring design. Many sports arenas, however, were mainly established to host a single sports team’s games, and choosing stadium floors can be a fun opportunity to create an environment to support the team in color, layout, and design.

Epoxy and MMA flooring systems are available in a wide range of colors, so why not incorporate your team colors into a geometric pattern, or with solid colors that represents the organization? To create a truly memorable arena floor that is exceptionally durable and attractive, consider adding your mascot or team name to the floor itself, rather than adding this feature later. Epoxy floors are a great medium for text, graphics, and logos, and an experienced authorized installer can help you select the optimal design to suit and enhance your facility’s ambience. Like our parent company, manufacturer of Tennant floor cleaning equipment, at Tennant Coatings, we pride ourselves on helping our clients, including sports arenas and stadiums, find the flooring solutions that are right for their needs and budget. Connect to a local Tennant Coatings Representative for more options.