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Animal and Pet Care Flooring Systems

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Veterinary ​​

Veterinary Office Flooring

Veterinary clinics are places where we entrust the health and wellbeing of our furry and feathered loved ones. To this end, veterinary practices can face the challenge of maintaining a healthy environment that is safe, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing to pets and their owners.

  • Flooring should make it easier, not harder, to manage animals. Floors should be easy for animals with claws to navigate without slipping.
  • Floors should be easy to clean and disinfect, free from seams, cracks, pits and other damaged areas where bacteria can flourish, to avoid infecting healthy animals.
  • Flooring should also be attractive, giving both employees and pet owners a sense of pride in their choice of veterinary office.
  • There are a wide variety of liquid-applied flooring systems available to help optimize both animal and human safety and health.

Veterinary Practice Flooring Sells Your Business

Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of veterinary office floors communicates to clients that a practice is well-run, safe for pets, clean, and efficient. The condition and appearance – along with concerns about pet odors – are all important aspects in how customers can respond to your practice.

Floors that easily scratch, have seams or grout lines, can absorb urine, waste and other fluids, which may require additional maintenance routines to maintain both a hygienic and odor free floor. Those types of flooring are not as durable as a custom, liquid-applied floor coating system, developed to match the specific needs of a veterinary practice. Tennant Coatings offers products that provide ease of maintenance and outstanding durability, which can help lower maintenance costs over time.

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9 Systems Available

The Right Flooring for the Right Veterinary Practice Room

The flooring system for a veterinary practice should be designed to enhance the appearance of an animal clinic or pet hospital. Our range of choices for floors and surfacing make it possible to tailor a design for many types of floor spaces within your practice:

  • Exam rooms
  • Surgery
  • Recovery rooms
  • Boarding areas
  • Isolation areas
  • Hazardous waste and chemical storage areas
  • Reception rooms
  • Human lunch rooms and restrooms

Different Needs for Different Types of Veterinary Practices

Needs and legal requirements can vary, based upon the types of animals treated. We can design combinations of custom flooring options for veterinary clinics, including:

  • Small one-vet practices or large clinics
  • General veterinary medicine where animals have basic care, with surgical procedures performed elsewhere
  • Emergency veterinary hospitals
  • Large animal hospitals
  • Pet grooming facilities in malls or other commercial centers
  • School veterinary training facilities


Sanitation is Key

particularly clinic staff who maintain continual on-the-job contact with many animals. At Tennant Coatings, our veterinarian floor coatings are created with specific characteristics in mind, to meet the myriad health and durability demands of the industry:

  • Smooth surfaces without seams, cracking or peeling.
  • Non-absorptive and urine and waste-resistive.
  • Stain and fade resistant and non-yellowing.
  • Slip and skid resistance tailored to the needs of the practice or room.
  • Moisture mitigation systems in facilities where concrete slabs may contain high moisture levels.
  • Customized colors and decorative quartz and flake to complement the interior design of the clinic.

Meet with Us

Tennant Coatings innovations are based on years of experience and industry needs, to include long-term durability and reduced costs of maintenance and upkeep for vetrinary clinics. Our experienced team of flooring experts can advise you of a tailored, custom veterinary flooring system that fits your budget. Don't wait, contact us today!