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Animal and Pet Care Flooring Systems

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Kennel Flooring Solutions

Any kennel owner or veterinary clinician is aware that animals are “floor intensive.” Flooring will take a beating from constant animal traffic, contact of animal claws and nails, along with urine, waste and other animal fluids. Clean and good-looking kennel floors are an important factor in customer relations, as they can help create a sense of confidence in the quality of the kennel operation thus putting pet owners at ease, knowing their family pet is in good hands.

Kennel Flooring Options

When considering available flooring solutions for kennels, be it for dogs or cats, it’s important that these floors have the following characteristics:

  • Be non-absorbent and impermeable as to not allow for the absorption of fluids and odors
  • Resistant to daily wear and tear from claws, nails and more
  • Offer high wearability and durability
  • Be easy to clean to maintain a hygienic and attractive environment
  • Be chemical resistant
  • Provide slip resistance
  • Easy for daily cleaning
  • Easy to maintain – no buffing or polishing required

Choosing the right flooring solution for a busy kennel is an important facility choice both for the health of its tenants as well as the kennel’s profitability and daily operations.

Choosing the Right Floor Coating for the Kennel Business

Due to the special needs in caring for animals, flooring systems for kennels have to be especially designed to provide the best conditions for animals, staff and frequent visitors. To maintain a hygienic environment, floors at these facilities should be free of seams and grout lines and any irregularities that pose a risk of harboring bacteria or animal waste odors. If the floor is permeable and allows for the absorption of fluids or if it exhibits crevasses and conditions where bacteria and other pathogens can flourish, animals’ health can be severely impacted. That is why a seamless flooring system is ideal for kennel applications.

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8 Systems Available

Functional and Decorative Flooring Systems for Kennels

Tennant Coatings has developed resinous floor coating systems that not only take into consideration the needs of the animal and the demands of the environment, but also take into consideration decorative features that a kennel would like to display. Beyond look and functionality there are options available for both indoor and outdoor kennel flooring, systems that are able to withstand abuse from natural elements, such as, UV exposure, cold and hot temperatures, rain, and more. In additional to superior functionality, Tennant’s flooring systems offer a variety of decorative elements to fit the aesthetics of any facility including:

  • Multiple colors
  • Metallics
  • Flake flooring
  • Quartz options

Regardless of the specific look your facility needs, Tennant can help customize the specific flooring solution to meet all those needs.


We Can Help You Get Your Kennel on the Right Footing

Whether you have a custom dog kennel or a utilitarian facility, we offer a range of liquid-applied floor coating systems, with a multitude of design options, that can help you upgrade your kennel, providing a durable and attractive appearance that would please both animal and owner alike. Contact us today!