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Animal and Pet Care Flooring Systems

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From veterinary offices to animal shelters and pet training facilities, settings that experience high levels of animal traffic need a flooring system that perfectly suits the unique demands of these facilities. Some specifications will depend on the types of animals housed in the facility, as well as the nature the business, but common themes include being hygienic and easy to clean, low odor installation, durable and safe for sensitive paws and flooring that helps inhibit the spread of microbes. Nevertheless, pet care goes beyond veterinary and shelter care. People tend to forget that the food they provide to their beloved pets needs to come from a professional processing operation; clean pet food manufacturing facilities with proper hygiene protocols are a must. At Tennant Coatings, we offer multiple formulations of epoxy and other resinous animal floor coatings that meet these criteria to keep both animals and humans healthy and happy and help pet food manufacturing facilities fight against bacterial growth and other pathogens.

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Seamless Vet Flooring Systems

One key benefit of epoxy flooring and other fluid-applied resinous flooring systems is that the facility floor is virtually free from seams or cracks in the final surface. This helps to limit crevices where dirt, bacteria, and other microbes can gather and grow unchecked. Grout lines in tile floors and seams where panels meet in other types of flooring can provide an environment where potentially dangerous microorganisms can flourish. This can become an area of great concern both in sanitary pet food processing and in a veterinary clinic, where many sick animals pass through on a daily basis, bringing in bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

A seamless vet floor like those offered by Tennant Coatings is easy to thoroughly clean, and far safer for the pets being treated at the facility. Coated flooring makes it even easier to hose or scrub the floor, while properly sloping the floor towards the floor drain can expedite cleaning and ensure that disinfectants and animal waste are thoroughly removed.

Animal Flooring that is Built to Last

Depending on the species of the occupants, animal facilities may experience traffic from claws, talons, hooves, paws, and horse shoes. The flooring in use should be a system that is scratch resistant, able to bear heavy loads if larger animals such as horses are housed or treated in the facility. In addition to ensuring the floor will withstand the challenges presented by nonhuman guests, it is also important to consider how the flooring will affect the experience of these visitors. Some degree of slip resistance is needed, to give animals and humans alike a safer walking surface, but care should be taken to ensure that surfaces are still smooth enough to be comfortable for sensitive paw pads.

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Veterinary and Animal Flooring Solutions

Epoxy and other resinous flooring systems offered by Tennant Coatings can be installed to meet your facility’s unique demands of animal care or food processing. In the tradition of industry-leading Tennant floor cleaning equipment, you can expect cutting-edge technology and first rate service from our flooring division.

For some, practical features aren’t the only concern - you may also want a flooring system that creates a positive first impression. We offer our systems in a variety of colors, as well as a broad spectrum of decorative flake or quartz systems in solids or blends. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with your animal flooring needs.