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  • Tennant Coatings

    For over 145 years we have drawn from our experience and expertise in flooring and floor maintenance equipment to create a premier line of Resinous/Epoxy Floor Coatings.

  • Style that Works

    Our vast collection of standard colors and finishes, and almost unlimited number of custom colors allow you to create attractive floors that work in your environment.

  • Design to Perform

    Tennant provides comprehensive tools for professionals including specifications, performance data, design details and more.

  • Protect Your Investment

    Choose the Tennant Cleaning Equipment that's right for maintaining your floors.

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Decorative Stone Slurry™

The Tennant Coatings Decorative Stone Slurry System features a modern, stone-like aesthetic with stunning color saturation and striking optical depth that is durable, and easy to clean. This system requires fewer application steps with less downtime for quicker return-to-business compared to traditional decorative epoxy flooring system.

Decorative Stone Slurry

Tennant Equipment

Tennant Company designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of floor cleaning machines for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Find a scrubber, sweeper, extractor, vacuum, burnisher, floor machine, outdoor green machine, air sweeper, sweeper-scrubber, all-surface cleaner, or other Tennant cleaning equipment to fit your environment.