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Stamp-n-Storage Case Study

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Floor Coatings for Manufacturing Facilities


Coatings, Crafting and Creativity

Stamp-n-Storage is a family owned business that builds handcrafted wood storage systems for organizing scrapbooking papers, stamps, markers and more. Their tagline, “Organize your craft. Unleash your creativity!” speaks volumes to the avid papercrafting hobbyist and in turn has unleashed quite a crafty business. Stamp-n-Storage quickly grew out of their original 2,000 sq ft shop and into an 8,000 sq ft facility. This new location had several different flooring finishes throughout, which created a dark and uninviting work environment.

In an effort to create a nice, clean, uniform appearance, the Tennant 25 HTS floor coating system was installed. They loved the look and the functionality of the system - so much so - that when they expanded for a third time to a 30,000 sq ft location, they applied the same system. The floor coating system brightened up the space, made it easy to clean, provides extra traction and withstands daily wear and tear. The Tennant 25 HTS system helped create an inviting and safe work environment that both owners and employees could be proud of.

Stamp-n-Storage 1 Stamp-n-Storage 2
Stamp-n-Storage 3 Stamp-n-Storage 4


System Information

Tennant 25 HTS
Tennant 25 HTS is a 25 mil system with a satin finish, built to provide excellent performance and withstand high traffic areas.

A prime coat of Eco-MPE™ (multipurpose epoxy) is applied first, followed by a build coat of Eco-MPE™, equaling 22 mils in thickness. A topcoat of Eco-HTS™ 100 is applied at 3 mils to finish the system. The Tennant 25 HTS system offers chemical resistance, easy cleanability, light stability, and slight texture for traction and high wear performance. Various color options are available to achieve your desired look. Custom color options also available upon request.

  • Low odor / low VOC
  • Satin finish with slight texture
  • Chemical resistant and aliphatic topcoat
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Help keep your facility and employees safe with high traffic and slip resistant resinous flooring systems.

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