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Miller Brothers Auto Repair Case Study

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Automotive Service Bay Epoxy Flooring


Safety, Style and Service with a Smile!

You won’t find better service around town then at Miller Brothers Auto Repair. Their service outshines the competition - just like their floors! With a welcoming smile and hard work, they can fix just about anything! To keep up with demand, a 3,000 sq ft service bay addition was constructed. Safety, style and functionality were at the forefront of their flooring requirements. They were looking for a stylish, light colored floor to help brighten the space, along with the perfect amount of texture for added slip resistance - but not too coarse as to rip apart mop-heads when cleaning. The everyday wear-and-tear of dropped tools and welding splatter can wreak havoc on even the toughest of floors. With that said, the Miller Brothers wanted a flooring system that would offer virtually undetectable and easy repair. This is why they chose the Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry™ system.

With a newly poured concrete slab, high levels of moisture were of concern. It was determined that a moisture vapor barrier system should be installed prior to the Decorative Stone Slurry™ system, in order to help mitigate any potential moisture issues. Applying two coats of Eco-MVS™, the Decorative Stone Slurry System could be installed much sooner, allowing the Miller Brothers get back to business and do what they do best!

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System Information

Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry™ System with Eco-MVS™

The Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry™ System is an innovative decorative flooring option that offers quicker installation and return to business, compared to traditional decorative resin flooring systems. With a sleek, modern, stone-like appearance, this floor is beautiful, functional and durable.

Eco-MVS™ was installed in two coats - a total of 23 mils - to combat moisture within the concrete. Eco-MVS is the perfect option for green or new concrete, as it can help accelerate the floor coating application timeline, allowing customer return to business at a quicker rate.

  • Sleek, modern, stone-like appearance
  • Available in a wide variety of color options and custom colors upon request
  • Quick installation and return to business
  • Chemical and UV resistance
  • Virtually undetectable and easy to repair when needed


Auto Repair Decorative Resinous Floor Coatings

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