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Signature Flight Case Study

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Concrete Hangar Floor Coatings for the Aviation Industry.

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Signature Flight Support Shines with Help from Tennant Coatings

Signature Flight Support i​s an FBO that leases six hangars at Minneap​olis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Recently a corporate customer installed a Tennant flooring system in a 31,000 squ​are foot hanger – 10 years after installing the same flooring system in a different hangar at the airport. Tennant is a Signature Flight Support preferred vendor for floor coating systems.

“That 10-year-old floor looks as g​ood today as when it was installed,” said Dale Kariya, general manager, Signature Flight Support at MSP. “Tennant has a great, well-deserved reputation for its products.

The installation features Tennant Eco-CEP™ Colored Epoxy Primer and Eco-HPS® 100 Satin Urethane Topcoat. Eco-CEP is a pre-pigmented formula that reduces the number of coats necessary to hide dark substrates. Durable Eco-HPS topcoat provides high wear protection for high traffic areas. The non yellowing formula also is available in a variety of UV-stable colors.

“These high-end, high-gloss floors are very impressive,” said Kariya, who has more than 40 years in the flight support industry. “You learn something new every day, and this is one of them."



Kariya appreciates how Tennant® floor coatings save hours in cleaning. To keep the floor looking great, his cleaning crew simply wipes up drips and goes over them with a scrubber. Oil spots must be pre-treated in order to remove them.

Advantage Coating, a Tennant Authorized contractor, installed the Tennant flooring system and the job was completed ahead of schedule. The smooth installation pleased Kariya because any delays would have required him to house his customers’ jets in other hangars, or outside. And the low-odor Tennant floor coating system didn’t affect adjacent Signature Flight Support clients during installation.

“The brightness of the floor really makes it easy to tow aircraft. No matter how safe you are, brightness helps,” added Kariya. “People are absolutely amazed by the floor when they see it. They expect it to look like a garage, but it’s a ‘Wow!’ When the buildings are very clean, people think you’re safe as well.”

In addition, Kariya appreciates working with Tennant. “Their service side is excellent, and they’re very aware of my time and my employees’ time,” said Kariya. “We’re a service organization and we appreciate it.”

Environmental Advantages From the Eco-Advantage Family

Low Odor - No noxious fumes; will not contaminate odor-sensitive inventory.
Environmentally Friendly – Reduced solvent means less evaporation and less waste.
User Friendly – Can be applied during normal business hours – no shutdown required.
VOC Compliant – Meets Environmental Protection Agency’s VOC regulations.​

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“The easy maintenance of these floors is the biggest advantage. Mostly we just use scrubbers to keep them clean so they look like a hospital floor. When ne​cessary, we spot clean with a rag and detergent to keep them looking great.”

- Dale Kariya, General Manager, Signature Flight Support​

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