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Schmitt's Audi Volkswagen Case Study

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A Uniform Level Finish

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The shop floor at Schmitt’s Audi Volkswagen is a poured concrete floor that was infused with iron filings during a construction project in 1947. Overtime, the company had removed, replaced and added automotive lifts in the service bays and repaired portions of the concrete surfaces. After installing Tennant’s Eco-Flex™ Deck System, topcoated with Eco-HTS™ 100, the floor now has a uniform and consistent finish with improved slip resistance. The choice of light gray provides a high level of light reflection for improved visibility in the shop as well as easy cleaning maintenance.

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​System Information

Eco-Flex™Deck topcoated with Eco-HTS™100 Eco-Flex™ Deck maximizes the natural life of your deck or floor by standing up to the extremes of traffic and weathering. Safer slip-resistant texture even in wet conditions Abrasion and impact-resistant to withstand vehicle traffic Repairs moderately eroded, damaged or sloped areas

Eco-HTS™ 100 satin urethane topcoat lasts up to twice as long as standard moisture-cured urethanes for exceptional durability. High chemical resistance Withstands high-volume, heavy-wheeled traffic areas Aliphatic – light stability over the expected life of the coating Greater light reflectivity for safer brighter work environments​

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ennant’s Eco-HTS100 last's up to twice as long as standard moisture-cured urethanes for exceptional durabilty and maintenace performance.

For more information on the system and products used, please visit the following pages:

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