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Harrison School Gloss Case Study

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A+ Durable Topcoat Flooring Systems

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Old School, Better Than new

The Oak Hills Local School District is located in in western Cincinnati, Ohio. In the beginning stages of discussions to extend the life and enhance the durability of floors throughout the Oak Hills School district, management in charge of facilities maintenance approached the district school board recommending that Tennant Eco-HPS® 100 coatings be applied to reduce maintenance and extend the life of the floors throughout the district and reduce maintenance costs. School board members suggested C.O. Harrison elementary school right away. The reason, C.O. Harrison is the largest elementary school.

The custodial staff at C.O. Harrison had the school ready for the new school year by mid-July, while the other eight school buildings were still stripping and finishing floors. The Oak Hills School district is enjoying significant maintenance cost savings with the elimination of annual stripping and waxing of floors with VCT tile.

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Tennant’s Eco-HPS®​ 100 Gloss Urethane Topcoat is a durable, long lasting performance topcoat with light stable shine. It also:

  • Creates safer lighter environment with increased brightness and light reflectivity
  • Ensures beautiful floors with a 100% aliphatic, UV-stable formula
  • Gloss sheen that lasts twice as long as standard urethanes; up to four times as long as standard epoxies
  • Clear coat enhances the appearance and extends the life of VCT
  • Reduced maintenance cost virtually eliminating the need for routine waxing
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Exceeds OSHA recommendations for slip resistance

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Tennant’s Eco-HPS® 100 Gloss Urethane Topcoat is a durable, light stable, long lasting performance topcoat with a gloss, shine finish.

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